Renault Range T Turkish Skin Pack v 1.0

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Renault Range T Turkish Skin PACK v1 for Euro Truck Simulator 2

Version 1.0

Tested on game version 1.36.x

Paket içeriği / Package Included

-Renault_RangeT_Turkiye_Skin_Paketi_[By_RockweLL].scs [SKİNLERİN OLDUĞU SCS]

Description / Açıklama


Türkiye Firmaları arasında Range T Yataklı
Kabin tercih eden firmaların bazılarına ait
skin paketini içerir.
Skinler tarafımca yapılmıştır , keyifle kullanmanız dileği ile.
INTERCOMBI Skin’i ONURKULL’a aittir. Kendisine Teşekkürler.


Turkey sleeper between Range T Company
Some of the companies that prefer cabin
Includes skin package.

Sevgilerimle / Affectionately
Adem ÇELİK / Adam Steel

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10 thoughts on “Renault Range T Turkish Skin Pack v 1.0

  1. I read that you want to insert coolmega in Mods studio2? if you want to do it yourself look at my tutorial (it’s very easy)
    everything I do with the megaliner, you have to do it with the mod krone_coolmega_kdlc. If you have problems, let me know otherwise I’ll pass you my personal file.

    1. Redabulyu

      thank you i will look at this

    2. Redabulyu

      I tried, it works. Thank you.

      1. Bravo, I’m glad you succeeded (it was very easy) I will soon upload the coolmega XML file complete with accessory.

        1. Redabulyu

          i will be waiting for this

          1. If you want to try it I leave you the link, if you have problems understanding the accessories, also download coolmega Van Zaal in this forum so you can edit my DDS to do your own test.
            Let me know if everything works.
            I don’t take any credit from Sharemods

          2. Redabulyu

            coolmega = working 🙂

          3. Ok, I have other things for mods2 in the future I will look for them on the forum, I was pleased that you answered, many do not respond learn and then they become masters (only arrogance).
            This and the last comment we hear from the next tutorial if you need. CiaoZ my friend

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