Renault Symbol 1.5 Dcİ

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1.26 It works in version

Real Edit:BurakTuna24
Car Convert ets2:Mehmet Ali Bayat
İnteiror Mirror , Anim:Mert Kerem Belen

BurakTuna24 , Mehmet Ali Bayat , Mert Kerem Belen


18 thoughts on “Renault Symbol 1.5 Dcİ

  1. Make a Octavia RS !!!

    1. yea, make one pls 😀

  2. helal be

  3. HD Video Test 1.26..

  4. Hello,

  5. BurakTuna24

    V2 version will come, the first version is mistaken for the natural

    1. Türkiye ☾✩

      İnşallah Çıkartırsın Abiim Ellerine Sağlık Güzel Olmuş Peki Aracın Sade Halini Paylaşacakmısın ?

  6. BurakTuna24

    And someone who uses my name there is fake BRKTN24 , I do not know who , Using my name and organizing cars , I am for real BurakTuna , All the modes I have edited It happens on my channel ,
    If it was not published on my channel It would not have been mine ,
    So be careful , There’s a fake burak tuna Still not caught , The truth is mine and my channel is BurakTuna24 , Please be aware, Fake against BRKTN24

  7. BurakTuna24

    Watch out for friends who go around the sites and use my name 🙂
    Example, bmw edited and used my name , Son of a ##### , It’s polluting my name ,

  8. BurakTuna24

    Anyway, we will make a new version if the car is held 🙂

  9. Adrian G.

    Would you be interested in making a Clio dCi 2016 version also ?

    I’ve driven one in real life, so if possible…

    Thank you.

  10. GamerLionfish

    BurakTuna24, please nake this into the game:

  11. Connectci

    Do you make a Ford Connect ???Please

  12. Here in Brazil it is called Logan

  13. Very good but the windscreen wipers doesn’t work.Repeat the mod please!

  14. Can you make the stock version, add Taxi sign on the roof and template 🙂 Thanks 🙂

  15. will this work on steam?

  16. hola podrias hacer un chevrolet corsa classic o un fiat siena/palio te lo agradeciria mucho si podes hacer algunos de los tres quiero manejar alguno de esos

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