Renault T Range

renault-t-range-1 renault-t-range-2 renault-t-range-3

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– Replace Renault Premium
– Have Renault Premium interior
– Toy DLC work
– Tested on 1.25

Authors: Diesel3d, SCS, Apex


11 thoughts on “Renault T Range

  1. SilvaTrucker

    The video isn’t from this mod.

    1. I think video contains original mod best quality
      It is necessary to think!

    2. Mr.GermanTruck

      That’s right. Not the Truck in this Video. And the Mod have the Interior from the original Renault premium…

      1. That’s right. Not the Truck in this Video
        In this video, a real truck!

        Mr.GermanTruck, supervisory dude +10

        Mod publication -1
        Video review + Dl. mod +1

        -Our video channel mods: “Trucksimmods”

        1. in the video the truck its too bad full ### and framedrop and make the game crash ### is this who made this fail?

  2. Извращенцы 🙂

  3. you have take this mod form RTA-Mods and claimed it as your own and the only changes you have made are that you put the scs software interior in it

  4. TruckerTom94

    Yea this truck has the incorrect interior looking at the picture, and does anyone know where you can get the mod in the 2nd video??

  5. although this has slightly more tuning options such as cabin and chassis, I’ll still stick to RTA’s mod as that actually does have a T range interior, it may not be complete but it’s better than having a premium interior in a truck that isnt a premium, this mod is like going back in time to where all T range mods had premium interiors, we want to go forward not backwards, fix your gearbox and find a forward gear if you wish to get somewhere

  6. Jason Devos

    i keep crashing

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