Renault T V8 Custom Tuning for Multiplayer [TruckersMP] 1.0

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Steps for the installation of this MOD in the Multiplayer:
1st – First, you have to click the Subscribe button.
2nd – You start the game, go to the mods manager and activate the MOD.
3rd – You buy the truck, save your game and go to the Multiplayer
4th – Inside the Multiplayer you load the game and you can now enjoy the truck.

DLCS Required:

Volvo Tuning Pack
Mercedes Actros Tuning Pack
Mighty Griffin Tuning Pack
Michelin Tuning Pack
Rims Tuning Pack
Daf Tuning Pack
Cabin Accessories


Nota / Note
– Solo puedes cambiar el color del camión
– You only must change the color of the truck


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Elite | Leviathan

Elite | Leviathan


2 thoughts on “Renault T V8 Custom Tuning for Multiplayer [TruckersMP] 1.0

  1. v8 ?
    rly ?

  2. sad if you reupload a mod from steam workshop ._.

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