Renault Truck Evolution – Skin Pack – by SeveralGFX Designs

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Renault Truck Evolution Skinpack, by SeveralGFX Designs

Latest game version tested: 1.41
Current mod version: 1.00

To complete the Renault Truck Evolution design, use the same wheel colors.

Wheel color:
Blue #0F8FF (Hub Cover)
Black #313131 (Rims)
Black #313131 (Hub)
Black #313131 (Nuts)

• Renault Truck Evolution – High Sleeper
• SCS Trailer – Dry Van, Insulated, Moving Floor, Refrigerated

History of Renault Trucks

Renault Trucks is the only French truck manufacturer, founded in 1894. Building on the legacy of more than a century of innovation, we are now fully committed to sustainable mobility. Renault Trucks and its dealers represent 20,000 people serving transport professionals around the world. Together, we move forward with simplicity, pragmatism, warmth and commitment.

Renault Trucks Website:


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SeveralGFX Designs [Mod Creator]
Nando CEV [Video]


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