Renault Truck Mega Pack


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Renault Magnum Pack
Models included:
Renault AE Magnum
Renault Magnum Integral
Renault Magnum Legend
Renault Magnum Legend Mat Edition
– adapted for patch 1.23 !!!!!
– Cabin DLC ready
– all Standalone
– many Addons
– has Sounds
I test on v1.22.x & 1.23.x

Stas556, Oleg_Conte, AntiqueEdit, Kru129, HaXwell, rus47tam, AU44, D9DbKO, Sheryo, Atego815, SCS Software, Knox_xss, dmitry68, oq37, kuba141, Skydriver


32 thoughts on “Renault Truck Mega Pack

  1. Joe the gamer

    Solaris36 did the same thing on the 2015/11/09, a mod called Renault Magnum Evolution Pack v 2.0, and i think he is the author of the mod, because i can’t see any changes…i’m VEEERY confused now…And i can’t even see him in the credits…

    1. solaris36

      I’m not the autor. I only edited, upgraded and updated old mod. Sorry if I no mention orignal credits.
      Only good thing Scania L are complete credits list…

      1. Joe the gamer

        Again i’m so silly 🙂

  2. Joe the gamer

    And if you did something new, for example you adapted for patch 1.23, DON’T FORGET TO MENTION SOLARIS IN THE CREDITS, for f@*k say!!!

    1. Mr.GermanTruck

      But the Renault integral & AE Models are from Stas556 and Oleg_Conte. Renault Magnum Limited Edition are from Knox_xss. What is wrong?

      1. solaris36

        No changes, Mr German. It´s same thing.

      2. Joe the gamer

        Sorry, i’m so silly 🙂

  3. solaris36

    NOT ADAPTED TO 1.23.

    1. Stop screaming you little ####! You are not a real modder, just a poor editor.

      1. solaris36

        I don’t say anything when any thing is updated/upgraded on the mods.
        Description say is adapted to 1.23 game version, and is a LIE.
        Says added DLC compatibility and I did it before, so it’s another LIE.
        Says new accessories and haven’t anything new. That’s one more LIE.
        I’m not a modder, I don’t know how to create a truck or a trailer, it’s true.
        Perhaps all my work on existing mods must be private….only for me and friends.
        I will think about that….
        Thank you French, it’s a good way to animate modders/editers/converters…..etc to make new things.
        To people who stolen mods don’t say anything, are good people….I suppose.

        Excuse my poor English, I’m Spanish, not French, English, German or Russian.

      2. solaris36

        Ah, y yo no he insultado a nadie, pedazo de maricón. (Ahora si, pero te lo mereces)

    2. Mr.GermanTruck

      Ok Thanks for Information 😉

    3. Joe the gamer

      I would be grateful if you do that! Thanks 🙂

  4. There is a HOLE in the right side 3D interior of the Magnum AE (13:25 in presentation video), which hasn’t been fixed from previous Magnum packs.
    Somebody should fix this instead of reuploading old and unfinished versions please!

    1. solaris36

      I know that “hole” and it’s fixed yet on mod I’m working to update. 🙂

      1. Great !

      2. hello solaris, that good finished mod mui ¡ but I wait for a big mod renault premium as it is deserved ”” the updates of ets happen and still not to fact the fully deserved truck, it hurts one

        1. solaris36

          I’m working on it.
          And it is adapted to the 1.23. Now I’m fixing and adding some tidbits. 🙂

      3. Thank you for your work solaris!
        I really like the Magnum AE.

        Best Regards,

      4. By the way solaris:
        Did you manage to sort out the strange boxy roofline of your Actros MP1 edit?

        1. solaris36

          It’s already fixed the problem but I have many outstanding things ….

          1. Alright, take your time mate.

  5. Karl Albert Leschonski

    Fantastic trucks! Good job!
    Thank you!

  6. solaris36 is the best

    1. solaris36

      Thanks but I am not

    2. Joe the gamer

      You’re right, he is the best 🙂

  7. German, you are trying to capitalize on other people’s mods, fake video views? In Germany highly the pauper and insanity sit for days on Internet to get a few dollars!? Stop make useless video, dont deceive people.
    You to send €10? dont be poor, and earn in real life!

    ‘ Greetings from Tallinn

  8. Doktor_Psix

    Эх ребятушки,это мой любимый мод на Магнумы,как же хочется что бы добавили нормальные звуки на них.Авторам этих тягачей спс за старание.Жду обновление,очень жду так как очень мало модов на них…..А мод то старая версия!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. solaris36

    Maybe tomorrow is ready adaptation to version 1.23 and with improvements and bug fixes. 🙂

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