Renault Trucks Mack V8 Sound V.2.0

my sound mod only works on scs trucks, you can try it on other trucks (not tested)

don’t take permission for video

however, copying and modification of audio files is strictly prohibited

patch: 1.41 in other versions it works if the change is not made by scs



8 thoughts on “Renault Trucks Mack V8 Sound V.2.0

  1. Description Ridiculous, You and others like you have no right to prohibit the modification of SCS files, I want to remind you that the only owner and only SCS.

    1. I didn’t mention scs sound files, I mentioned my sound files @zoso

      1. The base files are SCS, and the changes are for personal use if you share you can’t forbid anything, otherwise don’t share so you are sure nobody makes videos and modifies YOUR FILES! Property.
        I forgot the FMOD software and yours too?
        You know the rules very well.

  2. Hi Oxygen, do you have a youtube channel?

    1. No @x

  3. Did scs make the audio files I made, I’m telling you this @ zoso

  4. dudewithfruit

    1. FMOD is a soundplugin and not used software in games.
    2. Nobody can forbid people to modify your soundfiles for their own use.
    BUT you can of course prohibid others to modify AND share your soundfiles!
    3. Of course SCS has NO rights on content they did not create like those sounds.

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