Renault Twizy [1.35]

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1) Is Compatible With Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.35) Version.
2) Two Engine Power Options Are Available.
3) Slot Detail Parts Are Available.
4) Slot Mirror Options Are Available.
5) Paintable Casters Are Available.
6) There Are Seamless Animations.


Harun Aras
Metehan Bilal
Nazımcan Küçükateş
Compatible version:

Note: the vehicle exits the mod dealer.



1)Euro Truck Simulator 2 (1.35) Versiyonu İle Uyumludur.
2)İki Adet Motor Gücü Seçeneği Mevcuttur.
3)Slotlu Detay Parçaları Mevcuttur.
4)Slotlu Ayna Seçenekleri Mevcuttur.
5)Boyanabilir Tekerler Mevcuttur.
6)Sorunsuz Animasyonlar Bulunmaktadır.


Harun Aras
Metehan Bilal
Nazımcan Küçükateş
Uyumlu sürüm:

Not: Araç mod bayisinde çıkmaktadır.

Harun Aras, Metehan Bilal, Nazımcan Küçükateş


20 thoughts on “Renault Twizy [1.35]

  1. ScaniaS730NextGen

    trojan virus dont download!

    1. Harun Aras

      #### do not be a paranoid scrub and just download it

    2. karsiyakali1912

      Do not lie that we have 3 virus programs on our computer.

  2. Lucasdriver70

    He dosen’t work for me. Crash in Renault dealer. But i haven’t any problems with a virus.

    1. Lucasdriver70

      I make a mistake. This mod work fine

  3. Harun Aras

    My downloads contain no viruses, have tested myself. Maybe you have horrible computers and is not my problem

    1. Yep it works for me, your mod is so cool, but the 5 hp engine is SOOOOOOOOOOOO slow to accelerate from 0 to 55 km/h
      And the 17 hp engine accelerate so hard that we can’t ride with it

      BUT there’s no virus, this might be the best mod I’ve ever tested. It’s so maniable ! I can go through small spaces !

  4. Hello Hello ! I appreciate your work, can you make the Peugeot 406 of the movie “TAXI” Please? good day and good luck.

    1. Louis inthemoov

      Would you realize the mercedes Class A (the new) in AMG (A45 AMG ) pls ?

  5. AfzallPixell

    Renault Twizy Car Video

  6. It’s a very nice stroller, and similar to the real car. It’s a good mod. Thanks for doing it.

  7. PolishDriverTruck

    Video Test 1.35…

  8. fine for me

  9. sorry, the mod is not working for me need to fix it, inside is black nothing

  10. Bodyguardxp

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Renault TWİZY ?[1.35]

  11. It’s good but not perfect. missed some things like sounds car signal and Horn , the engine also needs modification, but still good I hope you fix this to be perfect.

    By the way no virus 🙂

  12. Arthur Dion


  13. Bodyguardxp

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 – Renault TWİZY ile Sardunya [1.35]

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