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It is a Renault Master L2H2 the ECJ 2. Has interior. You can buy it in the living room Renault. It has its own sound, and physics. A choice of two chassis: one for normal driving and second to drive and trailors. As an option is a mod for the camera 360 degrees in the interior. It must retrieve the car. Physics is in a separate fashion and should be turned on only for riding master, because it changes the physics of driving a truck.

Game Version: 1.19.x

I allow to share this mod to other forums, provided the original description, link to the download and show all authors. You can’t edit this mod and share it. Please report me to share modification on other forums. Follow the rules. Only that, next version of this mod will be released.

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46 Responses to Renault Master Furgon L2H2

  1. ursturbo says:

    Nice job,Thx!

  2. azumi66 says:

    Nice work, but what do I do with it?Just run around like a spider on the wall?Is not suitable for the transport of persons or trailer.Otherwise, really nice job,thx.

    • Greg says:

      You CAN use it to drive trailers, but then you should put the Physics part of the mod on…
      Otherwise if you a truck you will use the Physics of this mod.

      • kuba10105 says:

        There is a special chassis to drive with trailers. Its name is “Podwozie pod przyczepki”. Chassis price is 1525 euros.

      • azumi66 says:

        Thx! Working good.

    • sunnoco says:

      If you’ll make also your own passengers and trailers mod for this car, then, you’ll have also cargoes for delivery. ;)… I was willing to teach players how to make their own passengers and trailers mods for cars (my method, of course, because I’m sure there are many ways to do this; it took me an year till I discovered a proper way on how to do it!) and, for this, I opened here (on forum) a thread. But, till now, nobody answered me anything about this, which mean two things: or they’re not interested or they know how to do it (which, I doubt!). Anyway, I’m fine with it and also, for many reasons, I gave up to help people in this community…
      So, for those who don’t know how to do it their own trailers and passengers mods, this wonderful car it’s only for driving, which it’s not bad at all, in my opinion. ;)… So, just enjoy the driving, admire the ETS 2 landscapes, and watch the traffic… If you’ll enable one of those many AI traffic dense and aggressive mods, then, you’ll soon discover that it’s not so easy to drive, even if you have no cargo and you’ll find many times in dangerous traffic situations, like in real life!. ;)…

      • Faelandaea says:

        This is correct. There is not enough interest in pulling a trailer with a car to really generate interest in modding such things. There has to be a genuine interest in most of the community for a modder to really benefit from making something.

        I’d use something like this to drive around and check out maps and scenery, and if I want to pull trailers then it is proper for me to switch to a real truck and pull a proper trailer.

        Cars are meant for sightseeing, trucks are meant for hauling loads. Having both in ETS2 makes it awesome. 🙂

      • Shalal says:

        I am really so interested to learn how to make my own passenger cargo. And I am so grateful for your effort & hard work to create such amazing mods. please be in touch via my email I am looking forward to see your old & new wonderful mods. please keep up & don’t give up a lot of people like me waiting for your new work output

  3. houssem says:

    new link pls

    • kuba10105 says:

      Link works. Nobody can’t reupload this mod. You must wait few seconds and download will start.

    • Diablo says:

      the author is not allowed to change the link so I intercede so byłdany by author

  4. EduardFLR says:

    working good on 1.19x

    hd 1080

  5. SOSO says:

    Nice Model! Good work so far. But speedometer shows wrong speed!

  6. BamBamYan says:

    Could you make an Opel one too?

    • kuba10105 says:

      Good idea. I think I’ll do it in one of the next version. 😉

  7. Velsh says:

    RenAUlt Master VAN, грамотеи.

  8. Reza.s says:

    Test on 1.18

  9. sunnoco says:

    EXCELLENT job guys! Thank you so much for sharing and CONGRATULATIONS for this wonderful van. This one it’s perfect! Works perfect in 1.19.2.
    Also works only with passengers mods. ;)… For this car I need to make another low trailers, because have hook a little lower. But worth it the time, because it’s a great car, with an excellent exterior and interior (many interesting accessories), excellent psychics, excellent engines and transmissions. For instance, I chosen to drove with those with 6 gears and 145 km/h and it’s an excellent choice if you have an intense traffic and you’ll need to overtake a car / truck in a short time and distance, like in real life, especially in city!;)… It has a little powerful break, so you’ll need to be very carefully after overtake that vehicle and don’t stop suddenly in front of that car / truck you just overtook it!:) … Even if in real life there are many who drive like this! :)…
    Now, it’s hard to choose which car should we drive, because all are so great (this one, BMW X6, Mercedes Sprinter, Jeep Cherokee, Audi RS 4 and all buses from EAA Bus map).
    So, once again, thank you for sharing and keep up the great and hard work.

    • Faelandaea says:

      I agree. I haven;t downloaded it yet (just reading the comments first), but anyone who contributes such work is always appreciated 🙂

  10. Alex Knoks says:

    Link Error , Please New Link

    • kuba10105 says:

      Link works. Nobody can’t reupload this mod. Try on another browser. Press blue button “Pobierz”.

      • Alex Knoks says:

        ” {“result”:{“status”:2,”errorMsg”:”publink managed page not visited”}} ”
        How to fixed ???

  11. nportegies skins says:

    Let’s hope someone has a template for this, then we can create a beautiful skin file

    • kuba10105 says:

      Template will be available in next versions. Now skins aren’t supported and they won’t work.

  12. leti7kedil says:

    Uploading video


    Thanks for mod. Very good mod 🙂 I like it. I’m using 🙂

    • bryan says:

      how do you get that beacon so good I do not get son beautiful image …

  13. kamil says:

    niezła robota stary 🙂

  14. Delarge says:

    Nice mod! No bugs except the speedometer resp. the nadle of the speedometer shows wrong speed and when the sun is shining sometimes you cant read rev counter and speedometer.

    It works perfect with the solo fracht mod from szajbus71.
    @kuba are you going to fix the bugs. But thanks for sharing and keep up this work!

    • kuba10105 says:

      Bugs will be repair in next versions. It will also add somethings new.

  15. Darren says:

    perfection guys. fantastic job, this well go well with the sprinter. iv not yet tested myself as I’m busy working on my boat right now lol would like to a vaxhawl/opel movano too, that would be great.

  16. Jonny says:

    Love the mod. How about right hand drive aswell???

    • anonymouse says:

      Yes! Everything should be right hand drive generically

  17. marclev says:

    Very good mod. Probably the best van mod…
    But how the trip computer is changing modes?

  18. Ali JJ says:

    Nice job..

    TESTED ON 1.19 !
    good work but to fast

  19. Elmunero123 says:

    Sound doesn’t working

  20. Darren says:

    I tested it, I enjoy driving it. the van goes exceptionally well. my only issue is the fuel consumption. I loose half of the economy when carrying a delivery, and at 60mph, it drinks the fuel faster than a hobo can fill his bath. not very good basically, doesn’t matter what gearbox I use its still the same. yet still a fantastic mod. I drove from Portsmouth to Oslo last night not a problem except the 60 fuel stops. still great job though, big thanks from Scotland

  21. Jérem says:

    What’s the password please ?

  22. haydar says:

    nice job but not trailer
    pls trailer link

  23. Ayoub Elhannouni says:

    Nice Mod , But No Work At Version 1.20.x Pleas Correct . PS:Sorry For My Bad English 🙂

  24. harbiston says:

    bro you did a great work, works on 1.18.3 there is only some camera bugs.
    really good acceleration

  25. kuba10105 says:

    Upgrading to 1.20 in the description. This version doesn’t add nothing new. It allows you to play on 1.20.

  26. Kenseth says:

    please make it for works 1.27.2.x update!

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