Replaced Traffic Trailer v 1.4

With this Mod, the trailer in AI-Traffic will be replaced by other Trailers included in the game.
Only other Trailers of the game are generated. There are no new Trailers in this mod.
Trailer with rotating lights.
Trailer with Boats.
Trailer with concrete mixer.
Trailer with Helicopter.
And many more…

Fixed the Gamecrash in previous Version
Added new Traffic Cargo
Added new Company Labeling in Traffic

Note: Please delete the Previous Version (v. 1.3)

Required Addons / DLC´s:
– Schwarzmüller DLC
– High Power Cargo Pack DLC
– Vive la France DLC
– Scandinavia DLC
– Italia DLC



3 thoughts on “Replaced Traffic Trailer v 1.4

  1. citelis730

    Thanks for fixing this!
    Now it’s not crashing! Only negative is that there are far too amny heavy cargo in traffic! LOL so many boats, excavators etc.

    1. Thank you very much. Actually, I do not want to see so many heavy transports, too. But unfortunately the game determines when which trailer appears. I keep working on this mod. Maybe I’ll manage to cheat the game and bring more Reefer, Cooler and Curtainsider. lol =)

  2. Nice Mod!! Keep the good work and just wondering if you can make one for ATS 🙂 🙂 🙂

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