Republic of Aloma 2 Map

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-New roads and new cities.
-There are hidden roads!
-Start By a new game in the gaming unit to choose: n.mbd
– For correct work you need DLC “Viva la France”, “Heavy Cargo Pack”, “Dlc Metallics” and “Dlc Metallics2”, “Dlc Oversize (Special Transport DLC).
-Attention! If the card does not work, it means that not all DLC are installed or hampered by other people’s fashion!
-Mod “BIG TRAFFIC” only increases traffic. For powerful computers!
-Version 1.30



4 thoughts on “Republic of Aloma 2 Map

  1. neranjana

    HD Video Test 1.30

  2. video sagt schon alles bekloppter fahrer mehr kann ich zu den thema nix sagen ://

  3. does not work

  4. its #### it crashes game every time

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