Republic of Moldova Map Project v0.1 R1


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– First interpretation of the Republic of Moldova in Euro Truck Simulator 2
– Map concept link:
– The first released version (v0.1 R1) contains southern part of the country
(also known as western Bessarabian “Budjak”, excluding today’s Ukrainian
territories), with districts Cahul, Cantemir, Taraclia, and Autonomous
Territorial Unit of Gagauzia. Next versions will expand the map to the
– Realistic map scaling, the time & distance driven on this map are ALMOST
equal to their real-life analogs.
– Custom models, road sign textures, billboards, no custom companies yet,
expect them in the coming versions;
– Custom vehicle license plates (realistic);
– Standalone map, no DLC required;
– Tested on game version


1) Download the .zip archive, containing 3 essential map files:
– Moldova_Map_DEF&MAT.scs
– Moldova_Map_MODEL.scs
– Moldova_Map_MBD.scs
2) Copy these 3 files to “C:UsersDocumentsEuro Truck Simulator 2mod”
3) Launch Euro Truck Simulator 2
4) Create a NEW profile, enable these 3 mod files in “ACTIVE MODS”;
5) Set the playing module from “Europe” to “Moldova.mbd”
6) Have fun!

Atak_Snajpera (Billboard models)
klipstoeun8839 (modelmyscs)
oq37, kosa6414, Gricko, etc. (other models)

Barrett_killz (Map editing, definitions, main developer)

DOWNLOAD 513 MB [mediafire]

10 thoughts on “Republic of Moldova Map Project v0.1 R1

  1. Wow. Cool Map. Very Detailed And Creative :). One Small Problem Though. Some Route Detailes Don’t Show In Job Market. Shows Red And Green Flag But No Red Line Connecting Them. Otherwise Though Very Good :). Fix This And Will Be Excellent

  2. Porutchik

    Рыбята, Молдоване, кито делал карту!
    У Вас как с головой!?
    Нам не нужна вторая карта Гобы, гиде грузовик пляшет по разъебаным дорогам, которых колдаёбин и в реале нет в Молдавии.

    И ешо; не работает навигатор и в карте на обзоре местности, пустые дыры)

  3. Barrett_killz

    Republic of Moldova Map Project Hotfix #1 (v0.1 R2):

    1) Fixed Vulcanesti town crash (at the roundabout), small environment changes;
    2) Fixed disappearing traffic at the intersection between Taraclia and Cazaclia;
    3) Fixed invisible wall at the Gavanoasa gas station;
    4) Little turning around the road workers (narrow road); road repairing vehicles moved closer to the side of the road;
    5) Some fixes in Cahul town;
    6) Other small fixes.


    How to install? Replace the downloaded .scs file with the respective file in “C:\Users\\Documents\Euro Truck Simulator 2\mod”.

  4. Francisco

    Wow!! What a cool map! I like it but I do have one problem such as if the roads are supposed to be bumpy

  5. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Here is a couple of deliveries completed with the map…..

    Vulcanesti to Sadic 266km run
    (With some exploring the map)

    Giurgiulesti to Comrat 241km run

  6. hi nice map but my game crashes near the gas station outside Giurgiulesti city please fix I like the map

  7. Иван!

    Где находится на карте салон Мерседес?*?

  8. Нет главных городов на карте , даже того же Кишинёва . И лично моя просьба добавить еще на карту Приднестровье с Тирасполем , Бендерами и остальными городами . Буду очень рад .

  9. Frumoasa harta chiar am facut si un video-
    Dar as vrea sa o faceti toata sa o terminati sa fie si mai super

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