Republic of Moldova Map Project v0.2 RC2


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– First interpretation of the Republic of Moldova in Euro Truck Simulator 2
– Map concept link:
– Current released version (v0.2 RC2) contains southern part of the country
(also known as western Bessarabian “Budjak”, excluding today’s Ukrainian
territories), with districts Cahul, Cantemir, Taraclia, Leova and Autonomous
Territorial Unit of Gagauzia. Next versions will expand the map to the
– Realistic map scaling, the time & distance driven on this map are ALMOST
equal to their real-life analogs.
– Custom models, road sign textures, billboards, no custom companies yet,
expect them in the coming versions;
– Custom vehicle license plates (realistic);
– Standalone map, no DLC required;
– Tested on game version

– The map fully supports ETS2 1.18;
– Added Toceni, Vîlcele, Hănăsenii Noi villages in Leova district;
– Added Leova town;
– New bumpy/cracked roads, easier to drive around them;
– Added new cracked road texture;
– New “Alimentara” shop texture;
– Added Hîncești, Cimișlia, Căușeni, Ștefan Vodă districts and southern Transnistria on the map, NOT MAPPED YET, expect them in the upcoming release candidates;
– Minor bug fixes around the map.


1) Download the .zip archive, containing 3 essential map files:
– Moldova_Map_DEF&MAT.scs
– Moldova_Map_MODEL.scs
– Moldova_Map_MBD.scs
2) Copy these 3 files to “C:/Users/Documents/Euro Truck Simulator 2/mod/”
3) Launch Euro Truck Simulator 2
4) Create a NEW profile, enable these 3 mod files in “ACTIVE MODS”;
5) Set the playing module from “Europe” to “Moldova.mbd”
6) Have fun!

Barrett_killz (Map editing, definitions, main developer)


14 thoughts on “Republic of Moldova Map Project v0.2 RC2

  1. hi your map work with tsm + russ map ?

  2. Too many bumpy roads…..a pity really because it spoils a promising map

    1. That is a good thing, more immersive. I don’t know why your complaining

  3. Спасибо тебе огромное за эту карту . Надеюсь ты скоро добавишь все города и села Молдовы и я очень рад , что ты собираешься добавлять Приднестровье . Был бы очень рад , если ты объединишь города и сёла ПМР в этой карте .

  4. OveRTRucK

    De ce nu-mi merge? imi da crash…

  5. Карта очень плохая не оригинальная я живу в Moldova и везде был. Минус карте дороги унас самые хорошые.
    Я оченя зол на разработчика

    1. gagauzik razrabotcik

  6. esse mapa poderia ser complemento para outros mapas , ficaria muito bom , se for possivel deixar compativel e complementar numa proxima atualização .obrigado

  7. very nice map.thanks .

  8. it is a good map to driving.

    it is a RC version and have not much errors and players can comment positive to improve the map, keeping the proprosal of the map.

    I think need more buildings, but it looks like Moldova have many fields in real live, so need more cities with buildings and RC1 had many crash. so, many improvements was done to RC2.

    Thx authors.

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