ReShade Graphics Add-on By KalashnikovN

Mod İs Not !! (Graphics Plugin)

first install “reshade 4.2.1”

scaling (%100 & %400)

do not play with any setting



4 thoughts on “ReShade Graphics Add-on By KalashnikovN

  1. Привет.Объясни пожалуйста как установить(как я понял) эти настройки? Заранее спасибо за ответ.

  2. et on le met ou ton mod y as aucune explication

  3. Eu Driver

    Boys, kids, girls.. 😀 This is NOT MOD!!!!! This is graphics setting, YES? click to “Reshade-exe” file, search “ets2.exe” file,continue, rewrite setting, use-kalashnikov.ini . Or learn, HOW use Reahade YEES? 😀

  4. Angyalfoldi

    Hi. I would like to ask help from the users of ReShade 4.2.1.mode. I installed this, but I have one small issue. On my screenshoots the colours are different, they remain like the original ones, not how is in this mode. Someone has any idea? Thank you for your help.

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