Retarder sound for all truck


In new patch SCS introduce new feature – retarder. They made OK sound for it, but my friend profesional truck driver help me and I did this new sound.

Author: Srele


15 thoughts on “Retarder sound for all truck

  1. how to get it work?

    1. work what??

  2. Thank y yery much – but

    The sound is very faint
    Ill take the Zip file in the Mod Ordner.

    Is this right?

    1. No. You need to open the .zip file and extract the .scs to your .mod folder.

  3. how to put it ?

  4. ……How to activate mod? it doesn t work by putting in mods folder….

  5. and now Its works perfect….

    1. I have rename

      – *.ZIP in *.SCS -> Mod Dic

      drive downhill – activite Retarder Step 1, Step 2, Step 4 and so on
      and y can hear the retarder whistle.

      Best hearing Camera 3

  6. Retarder not necessarily work with all gearboxes.. in scania i need “opticruise Grso925R” that retarder works..

  7. Sasa Scania

    I am that professional driver, but i did not help srele on this mod!He offered himself to make that sound. I tested it and said it’s not even close to real retarder sound but he put mod online anyway
    In real life i drive new Scania R500, Topline (2012)

    1. OK Sasa
      You didn’t say that I was waiting for your reply and before I got it I post this mod online becouse I thougt that it is OK from our talk before. You said that it should sound like plane.
      Obviously I overkill it with sound of plane.

      It is hard to make retarder sound becaouse every truck have diferent sound of engine and everything and sounds diferent on speakers and on headphones. Not to speak diference in volume setup in def files.

      But, oroginal retarder sound is nothing but “retarded” sound 🙂

  8. we talking about the sound – retarder works and y can´t hear the sound

  9. ok , i hear it with out mods, sry for my ###### comment 🙂

  10. its okay

  11. how to install there not scs file

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