Reworked BDF Trailer Flemming

Add script “truckpaint” trailer and dolly
Advanced coupling
5 skins

SCS Software
Flemming V


10 thoughts on “Reworked BDF Trailer Flemming

  1. Kolle_182

    Hey…Does it work with ProMods..??

    1. Piratxxx11

      HEY?? You are #####?:????? Promods NOT WORK to 1.28 dickhead!!

  2. Piratxxx11

    And-YOU have permission with Fleming??? NO!

  3. Piratxxx11


    1. 1-If you do not like the mod you are not obliged to download it
      2- Mods are created for SCS and not for Promods
      3-Vinge from permitting everyone, using and modifying her mods, and only asks to add her name to credits (added in credits or wrong?)
      4- It is not polite to offend people, we only have to thank Modders 1000 times
      5- The only right thing you can do and report your brain to the psychiatric ward

      1. +1
        Nices words

        Good mods !!! good jobs
        It is true that there are no theft here since the mods are free as long as we specify the creators in the mods reworked or reused.

        Have a nice day

    2. Ok.

  4. Grazie Maestro Matdom1988

  5. Kolle_182

    @zoso…Thanks for info..

  6. fullxpert

    почему скинов на прицепах не видать ???Стоит только мод Флемминга БДФ и звуки,это что развод такой ты скачай и не скучай а я прикупе остаюсь .Где кстати видео по моду???Да и ещё ставил этот типа мод недоделку выше по приоретету в ММ,

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