Reworked Tractor (CAT Challenger) from Hi-Power Cargo Pack DLC -2.0 Version


IMPORTANT: To use this mod, the DLC Hi-Power Cargo Pack is REQUIRED. This mod improves the tractor existing in one of the trailers from that DLC, so, without it, nothing done.

This mod contains a completely reviewed texture from the tractor, that replaces the original one from the DLC: It’s based on the real life, it has an more vivid color and the original real logos.

In this 2.0 version, the glossy-effect bug has been fixed, and the texture quality is improved.

If any bug is detected, please inform in the comments, for a faster fix.

SilvaTrucker, SCS


3 thoughts on “Reworked Tractor (CAT Challenger) from Hi-Power Cargo Pack DLC -2.0 Version

  1. so U gave it a wash and some tender love and care… lovely look !

    Thanks !

    1. SilvaTrucker

      Thanks for the comment 😉

  2. “No file” can’t download, pls fix download link :/

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