Rhodes 1.0

Hello, I want to show you my first map that adds the Greek island of Rhodes. The map only covers 2 sectors so it’s very small, but I hope that a lot of people will still appreciate it. The island can be reached from Messina, Thessaloniki (Promods) and İzmir (Project Turkey). Don’t expect any extra quality, it’s my first map, but I tried to make it look good.
A standalone version is also included, but you will discover the map in 10 minutes. 😀

Note: The map is not in the correct position on the background map to be compatible with Project Turkey.

Rhodes 1.0 – http://sharemods.com/dst1tj5ldsen/Rhodes_1.0.scs.html
Promods + Rhodes Ferry connection – http://sharemods.com/q9s4rzhpq1pg/PM_Rhodes_ferry.scs.html
Med. Expansion + Rhodes Ferry connection – http://sharemods.com/qhdlja14hps9/MedEx_Rhodes_Ferry.scs.html

Ferry connection with Project Turkey is included in the map.

If you repost the map, please keep the original download link.

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6 thoughts on “Rhodes 1.0

  1. HardGames323

    Very cool!

    1. Tom Zagtestie


  2. Video please !

  3. ItalianoGT

    Which Promods works with?

  4. Very Good for first time ……..i hope to have new version again and again !!!

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