Rim & Tire Pack v 3.0

Rim-&-Tire-1 Rim-&-Tire-2

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Mod adds 22 new variants of front rims and 10 new variants of rear rims.
Additionally mod adds 8 variants of front tires and 7 variants of rear tires
tested 1.24

* Respect the download link *

Authors: Emre Bahrevan, Eyyüp Önalan, Mahirbey, Bertan06, Furkan61, letikedi7, Kasabalı, Kelleci, Blade1974


3 Responses to Rim & Tire Pack v 3.0

  1. Inigo says:

    Does it work with ProMods + RusMap?

  2. manmad says:

    They really look nice, you did very good job. Do they work with TSM map?

  3. Onur Nas says:

    ETS 2 de görülebilecek en iyi jant modu Ellerinize Emeklerinize Sağlık Beyler.

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