Rims and Tyres by abasstreppas

rims-and-tyres-1 rims-and-tyres-2 rims-and-tyres-3

GOODYEAR Regional RHS/RHD II 315/80 Front/Rear Tyre (standalone tyre) Warning:
This mod has very large textures and that can have a negative effect on weaker computers

I have also widened the front tyre a bit as it looked to narrow before

Authors: abasstreppas, 50keda, Ventyres

DOWNLOAD 20 MB [Mediafire]
DOWNLOAD 20 MB [Sharemods]

12 Responses to Rims and Tyres by abasstreppas

  1. luis says:

    no aparece carpeta scs

  2. luis says:

    folder does not appear scs

  3. DigitalTrucker says:

    Awesome mod! Thanks for creating this

  4. Christiyan says:

    How to instal ?

  5. LoVVered says:

    OMG, just put .zip file to your mod folder, kids)

  6. LoVVered says:

    Abasstreppas, thank you ! Great like all your mods! I’m waiting to your new great mod)

  7. Lukas says:

    only fornt tyres working..
    where can i get this wheels mod??

  8. vipal says:

    how to paint the rims

  9. DigitalTrucker says:

    What an awesome mod! Love that attention to detail. Thanks for creating this!

  10. eett says:

    i got only folder and when i but in ets2 i can only use 1 wheels

  11. JoachimK says:

    This is NOT the Original, it is uploaded from:
    Uploaded on: 2016-09-29 11:07:46 by mods_ats


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