Rims & Tires for all Truck

Rims & Tires (1) Rims & Tires (2)

6 rims front & rear for all truck
2 tire front & rear for all truck

Author: nima1371


3 thoughts on “Rims & Tires for all Truck

  1. This is very nice, but the rear “Raiada,” or more correctly, the Dayton Spoke wheels need a little fixing. The spokes are protruding way too much on the rear ones. They should look like these: http://www.nwauctionservice.com/images/05-26-12ImagesSchell/Chevy%20C60%20%284%29.JPG

    Fix it and this will be my favorite mod of all times. I want to put those in my Peterbilt 351.

    Please! I beg of someone to fix them!

  2. Great rims, thanks!

  3. karet Harf nadasht nima jan tabrik migam

    | GAMEMods.ir |

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