Rin X Ryou Skin Final Version For Jasper DAF 2021 By Zen Workshop

I swear it’s final version no more update again and i will be make new skin/livery soon. so in this FINAL version support utility part also i re-designed the skin again to makes more appealing and very boring even though my design not very itasha just like you see on car but as long there’s anime girl i still call itasha skin.

File notes:
I add & organize the dds and tobj file to make new skin/livery more better in future ( you can see at picture above )

-I only upload mods on scsforum with username zenvi666 and ets2.lt websites (other than that reuploaders)
-I only use sharemods.com to share files with username zenvi666 (other than that reuploader)


Jasper for DAF 2021
CORE for Simple yet beautiful sketch
Zenvi (myself)


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