Ristimaa Tandem For Eugene Scania NG by Kast

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**Required Mods**

1.Kraker/NTM/Ekeri/VAK tandem addon for RJL Scania RS and R4.
v2.0 https://sharemods.com/t6jfvui1pq3f/RJL_Scania_tandem_addon_by_kast.zip

2.Rigid Chassis Addon For Eugene Scania NG by Kast


“Ristimaa Tandem Skin Next Gen Scania S + Tandem Skin”

This mod only work with Tandem For Eugene Scania NG by Kast

-Scania S 2016
-8K Resolution

-Scania S 2016 Skin
-Ekeri Tandem Trailer Skin
-Ekeri Full Dolly Trailer Skin

-50K Addon
-50K light Sign
-Driver T-Shirt Skin
-Interior Back Wall Logo
-Paintaed Front Bumper

Donate Help:- https://paypal.me/Harshapaintjob

Harsha Paintjobs FB Page:-https://www.facebook.com/Harsha-Paintjobs-106971540674490/

Interior Credits – Carmichael

Harsha Paintjobs , Carmichael


7 thoughts on “Ristimaa Tandem For Eugene Scania NG by Kast

  1. 1.Kraker/NTM/Ekeri/VAK tandem addon for RJL Scania RS and R4.
    v2.0 https://sharemods.com/t6jfvui1pq3f/RJL_Scania_tandem_addon_by_kast.

    this cant be downloded, no file it says

    1. JoachimK

      The Link works perfect, I’ve just trying it at this Moment.
      Otherwise go via SCS-Forum (same DL-Link):

  2. ismail ozdemir

    Another mod depends on another mod and this one depends on another…. I think everyone is tired of these kind of dependecies.. why nooen integrates these mods???

    1. JoachimK

      Because we ALL should RESPECT the Authors.
      I would´nt say more, because… 🙁
      Or you want, that a Lot of other Modders also stop their Work ?

      All legal working Modders should do the same.
      And otherwise don´t download, if it is a Problem for you… 🙁

    2. this actually contains a lot of modelfiles (.pmd) from others so using this will cause conflicts/overwrite with the new textures if using those original mods alongside this in modmanager.

      Not saying it’s bad, but just a heads up.
      Skins looks great !

  3. Carmichael

    Awesome skins! Thank you for crediting me this time.

  4. Can you make please a combo after this : https://imgur.com/YslmKrp

    And Keep up the good work!

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