RJL Scania Retexture

I reworked some things of RJL Scania

* 4k Headlight Textures
* Reworked all Interior Textures
* 4k Chassis Texture
* Grid and Grill reworked (if you want to use my Textures, select V8 Grill)
* a few other things

Works with RJL 2.1, 2.2 and 2.2.1
Works with 1.27 and above, also everything from RJL 2.0

I am not the Author of the Truck. All Credits to him and his helpers.

* Install:

Just place in Mod Folder and put it above RJL Scania in Mod Manager

Pls dont reupload and keep Original Link

RJL (Fordsonmies) and his helpers, FreD


10 thoughts on “RJL Scania Retexture

  1. nportegies

    Thomas Bedankt !

  2. TeddyBear

    Needs new link.
    Error (429).

  3. Error (429)
    This link is temporarily disabled. The person who shared it hit their daily limit of traffic or downloads. Learn about traffic limits.

  4. Does this mod affect the T mod as well?

  5. Now we wait for Kriechbaum to make his sound compatiable with the 4-series Scania. It works on the new one, but not on the old one :/

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