RJL Scania’s Addon Packs v1.3.5

R2009 / Streamline / RJL(RS / R4)
Blue & Black, Red & White, Black & Red

2016 steering wheel
front & side painted mirror
1 sunshield
Replaced truck model
Replaced with slots added sideskirts
sideskirts with exhaust added (only R2009&Streamline)
Replaced with slotted front intake
mirror + antena
painted roof grill
6 painted bottom grill
front glass mid => 4 sticker
Replaced inline window set
dashborad table
rear box
4 color front curtains

RJL only interior and some parts.
Scania G type has some parts, T type has none.

Support for 1.46

SCS, 20Uhr, RJL, LoaderSaints, haineons


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