Ro Map Add-On v 3.7

Ro-Map-Add-On-v-3.7-1 Ro-Map-Add-On-v-3.7-2

Changelog 3.7 version:
– All bugs fixed
– Reworked on Craiova city
– Other minor changes

Author: Traian


19 thoughts on “Ro Map Add-On v 3.7

  1. ok iam running promods rebuilding Poland and Russia map installed this map and it crashed could you please make it possible to run on all maps thanks

  2. I hope i will find a solution to these problems.

    1. Traiane mie nu imi merge modul am pro mods am harta rusiei si multe altele…oricum este Constanta in mod,sau care este cel mai apropiat oras de Constanta

    2. nu merge harta asta da crash cu tsm

  3. Female Trucker

    I too am running Promods/Poland Rebuilding and Russia map and it crashed, also, tried it with TSM Map, also crashed. Sorry, I did try to run this mod.

  4. Work with ETS 2 only.
    Why don`t work with TSM ??
    Why don`t work with ProMods/ ProMods and Poland Rebuilding (over ver. 1.7) ??

    1. cristakey

      Any version of this map didn’t work with Promods or TSM

      1. Any earlier version was worked with TSM and ProMods/Poland Rebuilding… but from Ro Add ON v 3.6 don`t work any more.

    2. Why are you so arogant ????

  5. Thanks Traian

  6. still no horizons? still no immersion!

  7. This version of this map V3.7 work with TSM?
    Anyboby to test it?

  8. remingtonh

    Maps like this *must* work with either TSM or ProMods/Poland Rebuilding. RusMap does, and it’s a nice add-on. Hungary is enough of a Map in itself (thanks to Budapest) that it gets a pass on this.

    This map is *not* worth running if you have to sacrifice ProMods or TSM. Thanks for the effort but you have to fix this for this to be a legitimate and quality addition to ETS2.

  9. Hello everybody!
    Traian announced on SCS forum he does not want to continue to work on this map.

    Traian’s wrote:

    “I’m sorry guys but the project is definitively closed.
    I won’t work anymore on maps because it takes loong time and i have school, weekends and i don’t want to spend all my personally life on this map.
    I won’t play ets2 anymore, maybe gts.
    I wish you a nice gameplay!

    1. Yes, that is true!

      Traian is a big liar, faker, swindler.

      Don’t trust him for the future!

  10. good idea, go back to school

  11. Salutare Traian,

    era frumos sa termini Romania asa cum ai spus pe 21.08.2014, “I hope i will finish the map until February 2015.. My plans.. ”
    Decizia iti apartine si nu pot decat sa ti-o respect. Scoala e importanta pentru viitorul tau si bine faci ca-i acorzi mai mult timp, DAR, pe viitor e bine sa-ti respecti promisiunile.


  12. Hello Petronny,

    ai idee cand apare TSM-ul cu Romania inclusa???

    Multumesc anticipat!

  13. Terrible313

    don’t start somthing you can’t finish next time, com explain to me how i can make that mod work, that don’t thak hours or days
    good luck at school i hope you finish that well.

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