Ro Map Add-On v 4.1


Version 4.1:
– Bugs Fixed
– Territorial Organisation
– Added compatibility with TSM, ProMods, RusMap, Baltic Countries

Author: Traian


35 Responses to Ro Map Add-On v 4.1

  1. Traian says:


  2. melios says:

    For the TSM we need DLC?

  3. tom says:

    how to instal ?? … which files should I copy directory .. I’m play ETS2 on TSM 5.4

    • Traian says:

      Extract file from “If you use TSM” folder from archive and paste it in mod directory.
      Don’t forget to install Baltic Countries map, otherwise it will crash.

  4. Wisair. says:

    Traiane numai scoate niste amarate de versiuni…Harta macar de ar fi 100% completa,dar ai pus cateva orase din sudul tarii si asta e romania?

  5. Kiwikh says:

    00:00:50.670 : Unable to find ‘Road – look’ ‘look1eumap’ for 0x1EA6FE2209001CF
    00:00:50.670 : Unable to find ‘Road – look’ ‘look1eumap’ for 0x1EA6FE2730001CB
    00:00:50.670 : Unable to find ‘Road – look’ ‘look1eumap’ for 0x1EA6FE2775001CD
    00:00:50.671 : Unable to find ‘Road – look’ ‘look1eumap’ for 0x1EA6FE3BD8001D1
    00:00:50.671 : Unable to find ‘Road – look’ ‘look1eumap’ for 0x1EA6FE483A001D3
    00:00:50.671 : Unable to find ‘Road – look’ ‘look1eumap’ for 0x1EA6FE514A001D5
    00:00:50.671 : Unable to find ‘Road – look’ ‘look1eumap’ for 0x1EA6FE5767001D7
    00:00:50.671 : Unable to find ‘Road – look’ ‘look1eumap’ for 0x1EA6FE5C2F001D9
    00:00:50.671 : Unable to find ‘Road – look’ ‘look1eumap’ for 0x1EA6FE6BCC001DB

  6. muppet says:

    Crash to desktop here, i have promods, in mod folder: baltic countries, your map and the fix for promods.

    • Sogard3 says:

      In my map the baltic countries are not connected, but the rest of the map it works. I’m using TSM 5.4 + Ro Map 4.1 + Baltic Countries. ETS 1.16 X64.

  7. Sozkesen says:

    Does it works on 1.10.1 ?

    • kiwikh87 says:

      No… For 1.16.2. Why you play on 1.10? Are you Sick?Updates have a meaningful! You wil NOT find any new mods for 1.10!

      • Sozkesen says:

        hahahahhah you’re right dude, i can’t say anything logical ๐Ÿ˜€

        • kiwikh87 says:

          Do an Update dude ๐Ÿ˜‰ I recommend TSM 5.4 + Rus 1.4.8 + This Great RO Map Addon + Baltic States. Its Awesome!

  8. Theosz says:

    map still not converted new dealers prefabs to v1.16x… so will crash when closer

    • traian says:

      In a few days i will realase a update with the truck dealers fixed.

  9. ugo says:

    Hi Traian,
    your map is cool, could you make a fix for the MHA pro map EU?

  10. alex 50 says:

    nu merge…la fel imi apare bariera jocului in drum budapesta-nadlac……legata harta ta cu rus map 1.4.8 si baltic countries……fa-o ca lumea

  11. Alik says:

    My order TSM, RusMAP, Map_Baltic, Ro MAP and does not work. What should be the order.

  12. Farmer Bob says:

    Do I need the Baltic map installed to work with Promods? (latest version)

  13. kevvvv says:

    1) falta arreglar compatibilidad con concesionarios para que no se cierre al pasar cerca de ellos,
    2) al pular M o ver mapa, error al mostrar mapa completo solo muestra hasta el fin de alemania, no muestra rusia-africa-espaรฑa-portugal, no se puede mover etc, “ERROR DEL MAPA” no compatible completamente con TSM, error para aquellos que tengan el ciudad de garaje en partes del mapa no mostrado…

  14. kevvvv says:

    solo pasa eso cuando no se inicia perfil nuevo, para perfil usado imposible, no muestra mapa completo

  15. Traian says:


    • ugo says:

      Thanks Traian, I hope you trust for more compatibility…please, a patch for MHA Pro Map EU.

  16. ACAB says:

    It works well with TSM 5.4 + Rus map 1.4.8 and Baltic countries.

    The only issue is I can’t have the entire map (Russia is cut and north Africa too)

    I’ve tried to fix that with the zoom map mod but doesn’t fix the problem.

    • kevvvv says:

      same mistake :C

      • JoachimK says:

        You have to change the TSM_Map_5_map with the same Map in the Folder from the RoMap.rar

        Have you done this?

  17. cristian_maper says:

    Traian esti prost de felul tau
    tot continui cu kktul tau de harta
    Opreste-te ca te faci de ras ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. anghu1342 says:

    why 2 citys is not connected ?

  19. TheCoooky says:

    Can some explain this erorr? I`m using only ProMods v1.84
    00:00:44.714 : [unit] File ‘/def/world/road_look.eumap.sii’, line 12:
    00:00:44.714 : [unit] The unit name ‘road.look1eumap’ is already taken by an existing unit (of type ‘road_look’).
    00:00:44.714 : load_filtered_unit_array() – Failed to load units from file (/def/world/road_look.eumap.sii)
    00:00:44.714 : Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘ai_road_offset’ of unit ‘road.look1romap’ (of type ‘road_look’).
    00:00:44.714 : Ignoring obsolete attribute ‘actor_lane_count’ of unit ‘road.look1romap’ (of type ‘road_look’).
    00:00:44.714 : [traffic] Converting obsolete attributes ‘ai_lane_count’ and ‘one_way’. Please use only ‘lane_count_left’ and ‘lane_count_right’ instead (2 lanes 1m offset)
    00:00:44.714 : managementcore_resource_server.cpp(497): [email protected][email protected]@@UAEXXZ: Data error.

  20. Jerry says:

    i cant download it for f8ck sake

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