Ro Map Add-On v3.2


What is new:
-New city (Pitesti)
-New road
-Fixed national flag.
-The flag does not uses the EU texture flag anymore.
-New signs
-Fixed bug in Drobeta, Timisoara
-Reworked on Drobeta city
-New real sceneries in all cities
-Other minor changes


DOWNLOAD 125 MB sharemods

14 thoughts on “Ro Map Add-On v3.2

  1. very nice !!

  2. What map this is incomptibe

  3. Is this compatible with ?

  4. ProMods latest version 😉

    1. Only work this in ProMods latest version?..

  5. remingtonh

    I tried the previous version of this map, with no other mods installed at all, and it was clearly broken, and I drove off the map into oblivion.

    Is there some other map pack I need to activate in addition to this map?

  6. Why sharemods ?

  7. with which map this map compatible?

  8. vas t’faire enculé avec ta merde de telechargement

  9. It is compatible with 1.9.x and ProMods pr TSM.

  10. its not compatible with TSM!

    1. Weird if so, as it was before.

  11. Simeone Can Tell me Why they don’t do maps plz?

  12. laurentiu824

    am condus si eu putin pe harta asta,…….harta…dupa care am si sterso
    ideea ar fi buna,dar traficul parca ar fi condus de niste salbatici,din fiecare intersectie se gaseste cate un ##### care sa-ti intre in fata,in 500 de metri am avut 3 accidente

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