Ro Map Add-On v3.7.2


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Please without “malicious” comments.
If you don’t like the map, don’t download.

-Reworked on route Timisoara-Arad, Oradea-Arad
-New highway Timisoara-Arad
-Converted to 1.14
-Fixed problem with EU flag

Not compatible with other maps (yet).

RO: Nu promit nimic, dar daca voi avea timp, o voi duce mai departe…



21 thoughts on “Ro Map Add-On v3.7.2

  1. Schรถne Map.

    Nur schade das sie nicht mit anderen Maps komplatible ist…wie zum Beispiel der EU Map.

  2. In the next update i will include 1 bulgarian city,too.

    1. Awesome! I was waiting for a BGR map ๐Ÿ™‚ Can you tell me which city?

  3. just will be worth it when compatible with other maps as RusMap did.

  4. Vanilla Gaming

    Bravo, felicitari pentru Map! Tine-o tot asa ! Chiar ar fi frumos sa avem si noi mapa noastra ! ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Toti incepeti 2 orase si dupa o lasati balta ca va e lene….Gen Andu..Motiv nu am timp..Pai daca nu ai timp numai lucra..

    1. Pai asa face si MIRFI asta de pe Promods
      in 8 luni de zile nu a facut mai nimic ๐Ÿ™‚
      Daca faci ceva , fa naibii

  6. BanditGamingHD

    video with this mod, from ARAD to Bucharest —

  7. Nice map nice work
    In the future if it works with TSM, it will be perfect.

    1. doesnt work with version 1.13

  8. it works with pro mods and rus ???

    1. read the description made by the author

  9. ExperimentalTrucker

    Hello. Another crazy run trying to visit all the cities for pickup & deliveries is done. Didn’t quite make it this time…..

    I think there’s 1 bug in the map. For some reason, when I was finishing a run & was ready to backup & disconnect the trailer I thought the space where you back the trailer into is usually white in color as is the symbol that is above the space right? Well on my game with this map, all the drop off points with the symbol were already colored green which actually confused me at 1 dropoff point. Other than that, the map is fine.

  10. Hello,
    the next cities in version 3.7.4 will be:
    Alba Iulia(RO)
    Update will come in 1 or 2 weeks, not sure.

    1. Salutare, incerci sa te duci catre Grecia???

      Daca da, poate incerci si:
      – ferry-boat: Calarasi(RO)-Silistra(BG)
      – Silistra(BG)-Veliko Tarnovo(BG) {si te unesti cu Giurgiu-Ruse}
      – Silistra(BG)-Varna(BG)-Veliko Tarnovo(BG) {si te unesti cu Giurgiu-Ruse}


  11. In primul rand te felicit pentru mapa,mie imi place foarte mult ,am avut si eu o perioada cand am facut si am ajuns destul de departe dar am avut un ghinion ca mi sa stricat discul rigid si am pierdut totul,acuma as vrea sa ancep din nou, dar am cam uitat multe,de exemplu acuma am ajuns sa pun Satu Mare dar ami da o eroare la companye (apare marfa de la un oras la altul dar cand selectez marfa ami da eroare).Cu asta te-as ruga frumos daca ma poti ajuta sa rezolv.

    1. Salut, eu nu am Satu Mare pe harta.
      Imi confunzi harta cu cea a lui elyxir (o porcarie, de altfel)
      A lui este separata, a mea se uneste cu Ungaria…

  12. ma tu esti non-talent ,tot continui porcaria asta de harta
    It’a big #### and always will be ……

  13. link error

  14. Work on this map has been closed because admins of don’t want to post my new version of the map.
    Multumesc celor care m-au sprijinit si criticat.
    Mult succes in continuare!

  15. mai bine ca nu vor permite sa mai pui noi versiuni ale hartii tale de doua parale , e hidoasa in tot ๐Ÿ™‚

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