Ro Map Addon v3.6 – 1.11 SCS


Compatible with 1.11
Fixed bugs



32 thoughts on “Ro Map Addon v3.6 – 1.11 SCS

  1. Moin…Ist diese Erweiterung,komplatible mit anderen Maps?????(z.B. ProMod,TSM,oder EU Map?????)

    1. Sven, dies Addon ist nut mit ets2 + DLC kompatibel.

    2. VORSICHT! Dieser Mod ist mit nichts kompatibel.
      1.10 = TSM-Map einige Städte in Griechenland nicht mehr klickbar.
      1.11 = Crash direkt. Entfernt, alles geht !
      Ich bestätige: FAKE-Mod, nutzlos. Nutze ihn nicht mehr!

  2. Ich habe es nicht mit andere getestet.

    1. Ro Map Add-On V3.5.scs ?!why do people make a fool??

  3. Female Trucker.

    Sadly, this mod will not work on my 1.11, keeps coming up with Incompatible save and will not load, took your mod out and my game loaded and worked perfectly well. Please see if it’s possible to fix this as I would love to have your mod within my game.

  4. Female Trucker.

    Ah yes !! 3.5 that will not work with 1.11.

  5. Do not download this ####!!!
    Does not work on ETS2 v 1.11,checked and created new profile in game!

    T.h.i.s. is F.A.K.E !!!

    Remove from the site of this ####, I’m upset 🙁

    1. Nimeni_Altu

      Nice Words TRUCKER RICHY!
      anyone made mistake, even the SCS!

    2. I did not offend you in the first!
      Before I write the check before the modes and then write a comment, and you learn so!
      And all of this author I know on the official forum SCS long time ago so do not bother to write any nonsense!
      Mistakes happen everywhere but I wrote it fake for version game 1.11 in order to let people know that this is false or deception.
      Now I hope you understand man?
      And about profile photo if you do not like it do not look,LOL

      1. trucker richy are you Faking troll ? LOL

        1. Nimeni_Altu

          yea, its true! let te haters do their job :)))) that way we get in front, in that way we are somebody!
          and most of all:
          – we are over them!!!

      2. Nimeni_Altu

        no offense NIKON, and about your profil photo:
        – I’m the best stuff on earth! :))))

        1. Nimeni_Altu,I never take offense;-)
          just one of life’s picture, which has long been used for profiles.

          I hate when all ….. insulting people for no reason!

  6. Subliminal

    This site posts any #### mod they get, no respect for it’s visitors. Lame.

    1. Subliminal

      @trucker richy you should tell that to your mother, she made mistakes too, you for example.
      As for those who make mistakes, it’s really OK to make mistakes, but it’s NOT OK when you make mistakes ALL the time.

  7. trucker richy
    the poster did specify that this mod did work with v1.11 and all bugs fixed. I presume that the mod was tested on this version so why post a mod that clearly does not work

  8. well said trucker richy

  9. Apple does not load not

  10. truckinrebble

    Right on trucker richy…

  11. you can make better the hole map ? then only 1 city

  12. AlexCrazy

    it’s fake
    Ro Map Addon v3.6 doesn’t exist
    it is renamed & redated 3.5
    uploade is #######

    1. AlexCrazy,thanks buddy 😉 and that many here do not understand the meaning of *fake* and then begin to sling mud.

  13. du-te ma dracului cu harta ta 🙂

  14. nu merge pe varianta 1.11 , am incercat si cu profil nou si nu merege! nu stiu la ce mai pui la download daca nu merge! asa le place romanilor sa faca lucruri de rahat….

  15. false dont work remove this mod in database, please

  16. Human,HI! I mean it in the early post written and confusing

  17. bai frate! de cand lula mea se lucreaza la o asa zisa harta a Romaniei? de peste 2 ani? SI nici acum nu e gata. Iar asta de aici , asa zisa versiune 3.6 este asa cum s-a spus aici -un fake. E de fapt numai o readaptare la versiunea scs 1.11.
    Eu unul m-am zbatut destul pentru voi , modderi romani de harti meseriase si acum m-am cam saturat de vrajelile voastre. Ce respect asteptati voi de la useri?

  18. What can join with mod mod .. else .. and what do not yah running smoothly

  19. john raymund

    do i need to download all the add on’s (add on 1.8 to 3.6) to play it on 1.11?

  20. sgagwsagsd

    e un kkt de harta , jalnic pustiul 🙂

  21. New version next week.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.
    It was my mistake.

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