Ro Map Addon v4.0


What is new
-New A1 Highway segment
-New city(Sebes)
-Other minor map modifications



31 Responses to Ro Map Addon v4.0

  1. Jack says:


  2. cristian_maper says:

    Iar tu cu porcaria ta?
    nu te lasi?
    copilas penibil

  3. muppet says:

    NO Connections here :

    The load order was 1.TSM 5.4 , 2. RUS MAP, 3. RO MAP

  4. paulo says:

    roda na versão 1.14?

  5. Atis says:

    Hi.Working with TSM Map 5.4?

  6. BanditGamingHD says:

    work on version 1.16.2s —>

  7. alex 50 says:

    nu e buna harta…….dinspre budapesta spre nadlac nu te lasa sa treci …..e bariera din joc ce te trimite obligatoriu la stinga

  8. melios says:

    Nice work With TSM 5.4 ???
    Need new profile?

  9. paulo says:

    parabens pelo mod , teria como fazer esta versão para usar na versão 1.14.

  10. Evox says:

    i’m use Promod + RusMap and game crash on loading.

  11. kisscool says:

    ne fonctionne pas avec tsm 5.4 dommage

  12. Chris45 says:

    Works with TSM 5.4, but with rusmap 1.4.7 there are parts missing on map screen, nice map though

  13. Traian says:

    Hi, must work with TSM.
    If you use ProMods, use this def fix:

  14. Kiwikh says:

    Thanks Dude!!!

    • Kiwikh says:

      Sorry, No. Non Thank you. Still runs not with TSM and RUS

  15. Female Trucker says:

    Hi Guys.
    It does NOT !! Work with TSM 5.4 and Rus Map 1.48, the roads are not linked from Budapest or Debrecen, you cannot get to Romania.

    • Kiwikh says:

      Update probably only for the new city. Version does not run with TSM and RUS as the 3.9.

  16. alex says:

    ce versiune ?

  17. bogdan says:

    Salut. Bravo. Bine facut. Mersi mult. Ai reusit sa prinzi un pic din ce inseamna sa conduci prin Romania. Felicitari!

  18. melios says:

    I have TSM 5.4 and with ROMap v4.0 the game load normally,but when i want to select cargo the game crash(close)
    Why this?Any idea please?

  19. CoolPlay says:

    Mergeam de la Oradea la Debrecen,cand dintr-o data am vazut iarba care acoperea soseaua.Am intrat in ea si am luat 3% Damage.Te rog repara acest lucru.

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