Ro Map Addon v4.0


What is new
-New A1 Highway segment
-New city(Sebes)
-Other minor map modifications



31 thoughts on “Ro Map Addon v4.0

  1. Standalone?

    1. No.

      1. Ok thanks I have the v3.9 i’ll probably upgrade to this.

      2. AshtheBarron

        Will it work with TSM?

  2. cristian_maper

    Iar tu cu porcaria ta?
    nu te lasi?
    copilas penibil

    1. Nu ma las, care e problema ta?

  3. NO Connections here :

    The load order was 1.TSM 5.4 , 2. RUS MAP, 3. RO MAP

    1. Good News, everything is OK.
      Version: TSM 5.4+RusMap 1.8+ RoMap 4

      What I did is really simple, rename the RoMap for example to “zzzzzRoMapAddon”.

      That means on Loading: 1) TSM, 2) RusMap 1.8, 3) RoMap 4.

      Look here:

      I hope, that can help you.

  4. roda na versão 1.14?

  5. Hi.Working with TSM Map 5.4?

  6. BanditGamingHD

    work on version 1.16.2s —>

  7. nu e buna harta…….dinspre budapesta spre nadlac nu te lasa sa treci …..e bariera din joc ce te trimite obligatoriu la stinga

  8. Nice work With TSM 5.4 ???
    Need new profile?

  9. parabens pelo mod , teria como fazer esta versão para usar na versão 1.14.

  10. i’m use Promod + RusMap and game crash on loading.

  11. ne fonctionne pas avec tsm 5.4 dommage

  12. Works with TSM 5.4, but with rusmap 1.4.7 there are parts missing on map screen, nice map though

  13. Hi, must work with TSM.
    If you use ProMods, use this def fix:

    1. Still Crash with the little addon

  14. Thanks Dude!!!

    1. Sorry, No. Non Thank you. Still runs not with TSM and RUS

  15. Female Trucker

    Hi Guys.
    It does NOT !! Work with TSM 5.4 and Rus Map 1.48, the roads are not linked from Budapest or Debrecen, you cannot get to Romania.

    1. Update probably only for the new city. Version does not run with TSM and RUS as the 3.9.

  16. ce versiune ?

    1. 1.16.2

  17. Salut. Bravo. Bine facut. Mersi mult. Ai reusit sa prinzi un pic din ce inseamna sa conduci prin Romania. Felicitari!

  18. I have TSM 5.4 and with ROMap v4.0 the game load normally,but when i want to select cargo the game crash(close)
    Why this?Any idea please?

  19. Mergeam de la Oradea la Debrecen,cand dintr-o data am vazut iarba care acoperea soseaua.Am intrat in ea si am luat 3% Damage.Te rog repara acest lucru.

    1. Weekendul asta lansez o versiune cu toate bugurile rezolvate.

      1. Mersi

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