RO Map AddOn v4.2


-Fixed map zoom
-All truck dealers have been converted to 1.16.x

Compatibile with:
-Baltic Countries



67 thoughts on “RO Map AddOn v4.2

  1. SILV3R998

    Thanks! Downloading right now! 😉

  2. Crash to desktop.New profile, no others mods loaded, baltic only. If it works, post the right order for promods pls.

    1. RoAddOn + LT/LV + ProMods+promods def fix from ro map archive

      1. Don’t work ! Crash !

      2. Paulo Amaral

        Good Day, Traian I come Here Once Again Request To my friend the possibility of leaving the ro map add , COMPATIBLE with the map mario 1.16.04s , the qua sent you the link to vc anaisar a possibility, I thank you, thank you for your attention.

    2. Delete the file : promods 184 def and replace by the def of archive.

  3. TSM +BALTICS +ROMAP not working
    Open the game normaly but when i open the cargo list left to select, it crash
    Any idea why?

    1. RoAddOn + TSM 5.4 +or LT/LV

  4. Dragonsen

    I replace the previous version and it works. 😉
    My game has this map mod :
    TSM + baltics + Ro map + Rusmap

  5. What is LT/LV?

    1. LT/LV is a map located in the ro map addon archive that you must activate.

      1. Can you send me the link for this map please?

        1. Just download and you will find there 🙂
          Or you can find it here:

  6. Driver Bogdy

    Salutare Traian!!! super misto modul as vrea sa vb mai mult pe facebook unde as putea sa te gasesc. Da-mi si mie ce va de facebook, messenger sau steam daca ai.

  7. WARNING! You must disable your def promods file and activate the Romap def. It was the crash to desktop problem!
    Working now with my main profile! Thanks!

  8. cristian_maper

    bleah un rahat de harta , oribila

    1. Ca tine. 🙂

    2. Deja esti super jenant. De cate ori scoate omul asta un update de atatea ori ai tu frustrari. Nu-ti place? Nu-l downloada si tineti parerile stupide pentru tine.

  9. The same to TSM MAP?

    1. Yes.

      1. + Baltics country ?

        1. If u activate LT/LV.scs from ro map addon zip file, u don t have to download baltics country.

  10. why this site enable only sharemods to download?

    every weekend this slow host is more anoying in weekend. in this is overcoming – 6 hours to download 300MB? in zipshare I can do in 5 minutes, too.

    please, replace sharemods to or

  11. i download it all tsm romap and balttics i typed zzz in mod folder and it disconected croatia albania and greese from tsm map can you fix this pls??? thanks

  12. Traian, eu nu gasesc nici un drum catre Brasov sau Sibiu si nici pe harta nu apar aceste 2 orase a fi conectate cu alte orase. De ce? [( ProMods def.scs v1.80 (ptr ca celelalte def-uri nu sunt compatibile cu harta ta )+RoMap+RusMap )].

  13. Foarte tare, bravo! Eu nu ii inteleg pe haterii astia, care nu fac altceva decat sa comenteze aiurea. Dar suntem romani, asta cred ca e problema..

  14. Angyalfoldi

    good job. thank you!!! 🙂

  15. Works great.Thanks.

  16. Salutare Traian,

    ma intreb, nu e mai bine sa putem folosi harta ta doar cu harta originala ETS2 sau, eventual cu TSM, ProMods, RusMap??? Nu ne forta sa bagam LT/LV sau Baltics country. Nu-i mai bine sa fie fiecare independenta??? Sa aleaga fiecare cum doreste sa joace …

    Spor la treaba!

  17. benzin666

    (v1.16.2 + TSM 5.4 + this mod)I have only 4 city in Baltic, without connecting Poland-Baltics.

  18. The maps in TSM doesn’t get connected? what should i do?

  19. Roxmagnum

    Map not getting connected routs to Russia? Why is that?

  20. Works well with TSM 5.4 + Rus map 1.4.8+ Baltic countries. No connection issue.

    I ticked in my mods section the “EU Map_Baltic_Countrys” mod and also EU_Map_LT_LV [NEEDED] from the Romap folder.

    Thanks for this map !

  21. Works perfect.
    Thank you.
    My Map Order:
    1. TSM_Map 5.4
    2. Ro_Map 4.2
    3. RusMap _1.4.8
    4. Baltic_Country 0.1
    5. JPM_for_TSM_5.4
    6. Drivers_return_with_jobs_v8
    7. Engine_sound_by_Icemann

    1. dannyhaya

      I did same map order, works indeed perfect! (with lots of other mods loaded behind the maps)

  22. i have only 2 city opened

  23. MARIO MAP 10.2 + RUSMAP 147 + BALTIC MAP the best it works very cool……….
    MARIO MAP 10.2
    =TSM MAP
    this is only for 1.15x version

  24. Roxmagnum

    Please look at my map and help me resolving this not connected roads please.
    thanking you a lot.

    1. You must have ETS2 + DLC Going East! Do you have it???

      1. Roxmagnum

        YUP Have it, it worked fine all the while just this problem.

        1. You must have some other map mods or mods wthich modify terrain .. disable all other mods, and have only Ro + eaa + baltic + tsm + rus… should work fine..

  25. Hi Traian, could you do a connection with the MHA EU Map by Heavy Alex? Your map is look so fine but is disconnetc to Hungary of MHA EU Map.
    Lets keep in touch

  26. ativei todos os mods mas as descrições das cidades não aparecem , so as da europa , como resolver (TSM, RUSMAP, ROADD, BALTIC)

  27. At the Romanian border the flag is the Scotish one… 🙁

  28. cristian_maper

    cara-te de pe site-ul asta
    esti penibil si anti-talent 🙂

  29. Bom dia, Traian , parabens pelos mods, como disse esta dando um pequeno conflito quando ativo o ro add , ele apaga todos os nomes das cidades no mapa mundo ( rusmap, norte africa )so aparece os nomes das cidades da europa , tem como vc resolver ,ficaria muito agradecido

  30. Boa tarde traian, desculpe perguntar teria como vc deixar esse mapa compativel com esse que estou te mandando o link, pois teste as versoes (3.9,4.0,4.1) e não funcionam ficaria muito agradecido obrigado.

  31. Csabesz1997

    Hello! Add-on the 4 highway (E60/E573) Between Budapest and Debrecen please!

  32. Salutare

    am reusit sa parcurg iar toata harta ta si am gasit cateva nereguli (zic eu)

    1. Tinand cont de harta ETS2, steagurile de la vama Nadlac cred ca trebuie sa fie asezate astfel: 2 unguresti in Partea Hu si 2 romanesti in partea Ro (acum fiind cate unul in fiecare parte). Cand vi din Hu in Ro cel din Hu e romanesc si cel din Ro e unguresc.

    2. Steagurile de la vama Debrecen (ruta de sus) sunt puse invers.

    3 Acele gropi dintre Arad si Deva nu sunt tocmai bine facute, prea pronuntate si fara forma. Niste strazi cu gropi mai interesante si mai aproape de realitate gasesti in RusMap 1.4.8. dar asta cred ca stiai si tu 🙂

    4. Autostrada Arad-Timisoara, pe banda de urgenta (pe acest sens de mers) sunt cateva sageti dreapta, acolo fiind doar parapetul 🙂

    Poate faci modificarile pt urmatorul UPDATE, sunt sigur ca nu-ti necesita chiar atat de mult timp.

    Spor la treaba!

    1. P.S. Ma intreb, nu e mai bine sa putem folosi harta ta doar cu harta originala ETS2 sau, eventual cu TSM, ProMods, RusMap??? Nu ne forta sa bagam LT/LV sau Baltics country. Nu-i mai bine sa fie fiecare independenta??? Sa aleaga fiecare cum doreste sa joace…

  33. Bom dia, traian, venho aqui solicitar a voce a possibilidade de fazer com que o teu mapa funcione junto ao mapa mario 10.2 (1.16.04s) mandei o link do mapa para voce analizar , obrigado.

  34. Harta merge doar cu cea de la ProMods?

  35. MHA EU MAP 1.7.1+RUS map 1.4.8. Road connect missing from Debrecen etc.

  36. It became very complicated. Crashes in some Promods cities or when I try to enter my profile mods. What is the order for ProMods+RusMap+RoMap ? do I need Baltic or LT/LV is the same ? Your def file should be activated first ?

  37. Bom Dia, TRaian venho aqui mais uma vez solicitar ao amigo a possibilidade de deixar o mapa ro add, compativel com o mapa mario 1.16.04s , o qual te mandei o link para vc anaisar a possibilidade, desde ja agradeço , obrigado pela atenção .

  38. Debrecen Nadlac? not road!

  39. bom dia traian, venho aqui mais uma vez solicitar a possibilidade de vc deixar esse mapa compativel(complemento) para usar com o MARIO MAP 1.16.04s, gostaria muito de ter o seu mapa junto com os que jatenho em meu jogo , muito obrigado por enquanto. aguardo solução .

  40. Game crash in front of Volvo dealer in Arad. Promods+RusMap+Romap. any ideas ?

    1. In front of the dealer if you drive over the pavement the game doesnt crash !!! Cant explain why but I suppose you need to fix that

      1. There is a problem with all dealers and the fix mod doesnt solve it. U have a nice map, can u pls fix that ? Is anyone even reading these comments ?

        1. Giorgos, U don’t know Traian.
          He is one of the biggest liars on this world.
          He don’t know how to fix that.
          Give up this map before losing your gamer profile.

  41. I must say, there is nothing worse than this map. Very unprofessional. Sorry!

    Ich muss sagen, es gib nichts schlechteres als diese Map. Sehr unprofessionel.

    Acesta este stadiul unei “harti” dupa doi ani de proiectare.
    Nu pot decat rad! sorry!

  42. Not wok with PRO Mod 1.90 and RUS Map 1.4.8! Game chrash with Ro MAP Addon. Please fix it..

  43. Hi,

    Please help.
    I am getting confused.
    I have added TSM + ro map+ Baltic+ Russia+ eaa map.

    But Ro map is showing broken roads. And baltics map is not getting connected. Its broken.

    Please help.

    I have replaced TSM def file with the one in the archive of Ro Map. Still its not working.


  44. Could you please make 1.18 version of this map?

  45. Turgut buz

    New versiyon?

  46. Andrei Pascalau

    hello Traian… I can edit ro map add-on v 4.2???
    my name is Andrei…
    contact me on facebook:::Andrei Pascalau…

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