[RO] Testing Truck Area and Romanian Village v1.0


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This is a new map where you can test your truck:speed,direction,suspension,max speed,brakes and more.You can stop in romanian village.Compatible with 1.14.x and TSM map



6 thoughts on “[RO] Testing Truck Area and Romanian Village v1.0

  1. Какая может быть Румынская деревня в Италии под Венецией?
    Автор! Ты гоеграфию в школе изучал?

  2. What might be the Romanian village in Italy near Venice?
    Author! Goegrafiyu you studied in school?

    1. The village looks like an Romanian village,i didn’t say “Village in Romania”

  3. In my country has a city with a \little\ japanese colony and teh buildings is like.

    Some city in EUA it has not the ChinaTown

    Santa Catarina, a State in my country is full of buildings and people of German… but in this map, I think is better do not mix these \countries\.i.e, germans in Germany, Chinese in China…

  4. se mods doit etre bien mais bug avec tsm

  5. Localization is close Venezia, according video

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