Road Atlas for Vanilla + TSM + Rusmap + Russia Open Spaces

Road-Atlas-1 Road-Atlas-2 Road-Atlas-3

This mod changes road atlas background. I made this map background using various Europe maps, and had to adjust Russian teritory to fit ROS map. Hope you like it. If you have any ideas how to improve something, feel free to comment. game_data.sii included. Feel free to reupload, but please give me credits. Please give this mod higher priority than your map mods.

Tested on 1.22

Author: Bojchi04


8 thoughts on “Road Atlas for Vanilla + TSM + Rusmap + Russia Open Spaces

  1. Mak-Kyver

    atleast that map what is above to description, is from deep…very deep.. someone should go to school again or read maps better…

  2. nerowskyyMonster

    Whats that map????????

    1. That is just a background atlas, it is not a map. I made it to fit tsm, rusmap and ROS

  3. Mak-Kyver

    but those countrys (example Finland on last picture) are not like that what your background shows…. that is what i mean..

  4. I’m sorry about the inconsistencies. I had to stretch Norway, Finland and Sweden. Russia Open Spaces map is made slightly OFF SCALE, so I wanted to put Murmansk and other ROS cities to their actual location on the map, and I didnt want Kola to be more in the north than Nordkapp is (if I left nothern scandinavia in scale). It was the best solution. If you want better europe atlas, there are plenty from Elmer Befudded… But there werent any decent for ROS, so I adapted it for myself, and now decided to share it

    1. Дед Сергей

      Здравствуйте! Есть несколько пожеланий (предложений). Как с Вами связаться для более детального разговора?
      С уважением, Дед Сергей

      1. Hi Sergej, I’m glad you like my mod. I understand a few Russian words but I hope you understand English. I currently work on update compatibile with promods. You can contact me via Email [email protected] , but please dont spam, people.

  5. Everything is very but its impossible to zoom russian open spaces

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