Road Atlas Map Background v 1.2EAA for Vanilla + TSM or ProMods + EAA + Rusmap + Russia Open Spaces


This mod changes road atlas background. This version is for EAA map users. I made this map background using various maps, and had to adjust Russian teritory to fit ROS map. Hope you like it. If you have any ideas how to improve something, feel free to comment. game_data.sii included. Feel free to reupload, but please give me credits. Please give this mod higher priority than your map mods.

Version 1.2EAA:
* Added South America map for EAA users due to multiple requests. If you dont use EAA map I recommend using version 1.1

Tested on 1.22

Author: Bojchi04


16 thoughts on “Road Atlas Map Background v 1.2EAA for Vanilla + TSM or ProMods + EAA + Rusmap + Russia Open Spaces

  1. Thank you vey mutch for this very fast work after my request !!

  2. techkilla

    Respect ))) Finally, Brazil has gained ground )))

  3. somebody know,is Promods compatible with TSM??Or not??
    And when i tried EAA map,game crashes somehow,when i tried MHAPro game also crashes,i have TSM….

    1. It is simple, tsm and promods will never be compatible. That is why I put tsm or promods. If you like quantity, choose tsm, if you like quality, choose promods 😉

  4. Rohan Ail

    doesnt work..
    It actually has only the colourful maps but nothing other than that..
    such a waste of time..
    Now dont teach me by saying \you need to give higher priority than the other maps\ .
    I am not a newbie!

    Guys do NOT download this ####..

    1. Im sorry mister not newby, but I just wrote that line for people who actually dont know and could have problems, I didnt mean to offend you pros. It is sad that you cant tell difference between map and BACKGROUND. I cant reupload all those maps and disrespect authors, but please dont disrespect my work for people who requested this by calling it s**t

      1. Rohan Ail

        oh yes you are right.. Its the background.. sorry for the confusion. I meant background at the first place..
        Anyways I respect your hard work but to be honest I did not like this mod.
        Thank you anyways bro 🙂

    2. Ail you are an ##### sorry an ADIOT the people who made mods work a lot and for free so if you dont like it or you dont now how to use it dont write ###### things please, i use the mod and work fine, for me and many other people and if the mod have some errors just say, please can you fix the mod?

  5. pat stringer

    Thank you friend 🙂

  6. Bojchi04 thanks for your mod im part of a team do mods to so dont listen ##### people

  7. I could EAA Map and Indo not zoome, now everything goes and can zoom. Looks also good. thank you

    Google Translate*

  8. Hey, how I can modify game_data.sii to work with MHA Pro Map + RusMap? (I’m asking about Road Atlas v1.1)

    1. Hmm, I’m gonna test it and let you know later

    2. Hi Flart, thank you for pointing out this problem, I realized that both versions dont work properly without tsm/promods, I’m going to upload updated version soon 😉 If you intend to change game_data yourself check the following lines which are most important for this:


      1. Hello, Bojchi04,

        thank you for the first Atlas, which works perfectly.
        I have no Problems, everything is there, where it should be.
        Look here:

        So I cannot understand, why some User have Problems. They are not coming from your Mod, that´s sure.

        1. I forgot:
          – Promods 2.02
          – RusMap 1.6.3
          – Balkan Projekts
          – Promods Addon Egypt

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