Road signs v1.0

Author: zeppelin3


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  1. Johan Wiqvist says:

    And here is some info about it:
    This mod adds more than 200 new signs in ETS2.
    There are german, italian and french signs.
    Have a look!
    Created by zeppelin3
    contact me here, on (zeppelin3) or send a email to [email protected]

    • Johan Wiqvist says:

      It is not me, I just copied and past the message as was posted together with this mod at another site.

    • Johan Wiqvist says:

      And the picture shows signs:
      top: German
      middel: Itallian
      down: Frensh

      • Paulius says:

        Top – Italian
        Middle – German

        • Johan Wiqvist says:

          Paulius, that is of cource how it should be, thanks for correcting my misstake.

  2. Serghei says:

    I tried to install this mod and it dosen’t work! What i need to do to make this mod work?

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