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[REL]Road to Asia 1.1.2 Patch Release for 1.42 has been released!

– Compatible with 1.42 and convoy ready
– Fixed some errors and bugs in the assets files
Download here at our official link:
You must redownload all files for 1.42. All files have had some sort of adjustments to them, mostly bug repair, but the big one is compatibility upgrade. We changed more than just the manifest files. Also, for convoys to work with your friends and VTC buddies, you must both have the exact same version of the mod.
Consider our premium download, it only costs a euro, it’s a fast download, you get one zip file and all you have to do is unzip and drop the new files in your mod folder then add them back into your load order, that’s it! No ads, no pop ups, no slower downloads, no multiple downloads – just one and done – and you can be happy that your small donation funds this project directly – the fancy new models you see, the fancy website, the cool features on Discord, and the motivation for our devs to continue expanding our projects – your donation plays a direct role in it and we greatly appreciate it so please consider the premium download! It means a lot to us and helps TerraMaps continue expanding at the rate it’s growing!
Enjoy Road to Asia 1.1.2 and enjoy trucking through North Korea, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and South Korea with your friends and VTC! We’ll be adding more multiplayer adventures in the future like fun mountain roads, dirt tracks, and other fun areas that will truly add enjoyment (and some laughs watching your friends flip over in Afghanistan) in future updates!

Content Added:

New cities:
-Derweze (Darvaza);


SOUTH KOREA – New Country (accessible through Ferry Connection for now)

NORTH KOREA – New Country (accessible through ferry connection for now)

22 OKTOBER 2021

– Road ot Asia version 1.1.2 is released
– Compatible with 1.42 and convoy ready
– Fixed some errors and bugs in the assets files

It is with great pleasure we announce that Road to Asia 1.1.1 has officially been released for ETS2 1.42!



10 thoughts on “ROAD TO ASIA V1.1.2 MAP MOD ETS2 1.42

  1. serge boulanger

    la map et incompatible avec la 1.42 elle marche pas merci de e contacter pour con parle ensemble cordialement

    1. AvM Transport

      It’s work great in v1.42 😉
      Maybe you did something wrong!

      1. no it says its not compatible and when i try change it on the manifest we need a password give it to us

      2. Das wird immer behauptet und geht eh nicht!

      3. Das wird immer gesagt. Komisch, andere Mod-Maps wie Russia oder RusMap, Indonesien funktionieren auf Anhieb. Bei dieser war schon in v1.41 Theater.

  2. arjunkumark

    hi im arjunkumark road to asia map when extracting it ask for password ,
    how to find it ..

  3. this mod problem ( mod is incompatible with current game version you cannot activate it ) but my game version is please asking me

  4. Wieder mal Schrott – zum zweiten!

  5. giuseppe

    it makes my game crash, i have promods activate

  6. hola,alguien me puede decir el orden de instalacion de los archivos?cuantos archivos son y se tienen que instalar con promod?muchas gracias.

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