Robert J Joiner Scania 4 Series Combo

A scania 4 series combo skin of scottish operator Robert J. Jioner comes with…

RJL Scania 4 series

SCS flatbed tralier

My forum page! (I take skin requests there.)

Lost Virtual


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4 thoughts on “Robert J Joiner Scania 4 Series Combo

  1. Nemanja Jovanović

    Is there a r4 v2.2.5 (asking because i have a rjl v2.2.5)

    1. Lost virtual

      pretty sure the official rjl is still v2.2.4. Look like the v2.2.5 is a stolen copy.

      1. Nemanja Jovanović

        I have the Scania RJL v2.2.5 in my game, works perfecty. And i even have the T version rjl, works same. If there’s RJL v2.2.5, why wouldn’t there be a R4 & T series ?

        1. Lost virtual

          Hmm… not sure. the scania 4 series 2.2.4 might still work with your version. try it out.

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