ROEXTENDED 1.5 [1.31.XX] All Versions

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STANDARD and for Promods 2.27
Log 1.5
-converted to 1.31.xx game version
-standard version and Promods 2.27 version
-few optimizations in redendering, mostly close to big towns.
-removed most of the low-res mountains
-road type/number in MAP view.
-fixed minor problems (including dealer in Sibiu, sleep area)
-added city of Burgas (that area will be the next developing area towards Sofia)
No new profile needed, finish your delivery.
Respect the loading order from photo included in ZIP package.

load order (see photo in zip) : PM-ROEX road connection, ROEXTENDED, PROMODS. You can use any other map compatible with Promods as before.

load ROEXTENDED first and any other map after. You can use just vanilla map or any map compatible with 1.31.xx version. No compatibility with Eastern Express or YKS.

A ferry connection with Southern Region will be provided when they are gonna update to 1.31

-Alin Todor for romanian vehicle files and support
-Jazzycat for some romanian car models
-FLD for map materials
-Rusmap for adboard files.
Check my site for updates and fixes.



43 thoughts on “ROEXTENDED 1.5 [1.31.XX] All Versions

  1. About middle pc?

    1. Lilo is Good

      No middle pc version, it’s time to upgrade your hardware :)))

  2. No middle pc version, the map was (and will be) optimized to gain better performance. It’s already hard to manage two separate versions.
    A note, 16 cities are re-defined in the map, so some profiles wont work if you have a garage in one of those cities. I am talking about cities from Moldova and Romania present in original Promods, and Beograd and Novi Sad from Serbia. This is in both versions.

    1. so I have to sell the garage that I have in Bucharest and buy it again?

      1. You can sell that garage because the game wont find it.

        1. You can’t, sorry

  3. I use 1.4.3 and no problèm but 1.5 crash loading savedata
    You have solution?

    1. Try a new profile, the city structure it’s changed and 90% this is the reason.

      1. I created a new profil but impossible load save . Only mod. V1.5 actived and no promods

        1. You use 1.5 standard version or promods version? Promods version works only side by side with promods. Standard version need a new profile, not to load old saves.

          1. I use standard version

          2. I dont know . I created new profils and actived 1.5 standard version but the game say problème with my savedata 🙁 just version 1.4.3 main its ok for me . Thx for help, i plat just with 1.4.3 version and waiting futur update

        2. Lilo is Good

          LOL, how could you create a new profile but loading an old save game?

  4. create a new profile, load the map and play. i dont understand what problem do you have.

  5. JustResurrected

    Works with RusMap?

    1. Both versions are working with RusMap

  6. Work with YKS TURKEY MAP for ProMods?

    1. Lilo is Good

      Please learn to read, maybe difficult at first, but you’ll getting used to it

  7. Карта из серии “Смотрите ребята “Я создал крутую карту!” у меня работает! Остальные ебитесь как хотите.

    1. I dont know what you write there

  8. “Standard” works perfectly without a new profile! One small note:
    Bourgas proves to be too inland. This city is on the Black Sea coast. I do not know why so, but no problem! THANKS! Continue still !!!!! :)))

    1. One of the problems with standard SCS scale: no space. If i did it on shore either i was overlaping Varna, either i was going to much south. I choosed the middle solution.

      1. OK! I understand! I ask you not to stop your work! That is all! I test Romania and if I find a mistake, I will immediately say: Alarm! Success! I support you 100%
        I now drive in Romania!

  9. berkay koçhan


  10. FinnishTrucker

    Hello Arayas!

    Can i use with this map Project Balkans 2.7 -map too? Have a nice day and greetings from Finland!

    1. I think Balkan Project and my Promods version are overlaping. Try it, dont cost nothing and post a feedback.

  11. I am play standard map without new profile……all good

  12. Old Profile with ProMods, work perfect!

    1. Thanks for the great map !!

  13. Thank you for feedback. Enjoy it!

  14. Very nice work ! Thanks Arayas!

  15. Works perfect only with new profile. Promods 2.27+RusMap+ROEXTENDED 1.5+SouthRegion 7.0

  16. can i know about the loads order in mod manager? i used PM, rusmap n southern region. would appreciate if u show the load manager order. thanks

    1. okay i arleady get the loads order. thanks again 🙂

  17. Is it possible to create a ferry connection between Constanta and Novorossiysk (Southern Region 7.0) for standard map? Thank you

    1. The ferry connection can be used in both versions, but unfortunatly the SR it’s not updated to 1.31 so i have no material to work from SR side. Try the previous version but i dont know if it’s gonna work.

  18. Arayas ce dracu versiune si ce dracu dlcuri ne trebuiesc?

    1. Da click pe DOWNLOAD link, te va duce pe site-ul meu unde ai tot ce trebuie sa stii.

  19. The game is closing always after loading!
    Im using the standard version without any other mods

    1. People, READ the instructions on my site, don’t just hit DOWNLOAD link. All DLC needed. Did you seen that?

  20. Arays Apreciez munca voastra dar nu se poate o versiune putin mai reala? Adica A3 Gilau Turda pe harta pro mods originala este facuta si pe harta asta nu. Se poate adauga?

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