Roextended 2.9 Free [ETS2 1.43 only]

Updated and expanded map of Romania.
29 cities in Romania, 4 in Bulgaria, 2 in Moldova and 8 in Ukraine
New roads (for example, between Chisinau, Odessa, Tiraspol and Galati more than 1000 km)
New companies
Lots of details in the environment
Compatible with many cards
All DLC cards are required for ROEXTENDED to work

Version 2.9:
– added the Crimean Peninsula with Sevastopol, Simferopol, Feodosia, Kerch, Dzhankoy
– full communication with the Southern region via the Putin Bridge
– Ankara and Aksaray in Turkey
– restored Istanbul Bridge
– full optimization
– conversion to 1.43: materials, fonts, etc.



7 thoughts on “Roextended 2.9 Free [ETS2 1.43 only]

  1. elinize sağlık arayas türkiyedeki kasma giderildimi acaba biz türkiyede oynamak sitiyoruz ama kasma olduğu için oynanmıyor düzeltilirse minnettar oluruz

  2. sieziemus

    Is this working on pro mods???

  3. 1.43 not working pls fix this mod

    1. Pablo Reyes Montero

      En 1.43 si que funciona, yo lo tengo puesto.

  4. I can’t play it. It says that the version is older or newer

  5. Propably one of the worst mods I ever had.
    make my PC Hot and couldn’t even load the small textures.

  6. when i get to 4h my game crashes

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