Roextended Map 1.7 All versions

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LOG 1.7

general log:
-new traffic signs – special romanian and serbian characters and cyrillic for Bulgaria – all signs
-cyrillic names for Bulgarian cities
-removed tobj and npot errors, 100% clean log (if you have errors check other maps)
-reworked textures on some materials
-eliminated 50km/h speed limit on two signs (radar and rovigneta)
-as usual, many updates in main map materials, landmarks etc.
-city of Ribnita (Rep.Moldova) and connection to Chisinau
-NEW road and ferry connections for both versions

premium add-on log:

-The city of Tiraspol (Rep.Moldova) and Odesa (Ukraine)
-ferry connection from Odesa
-new company for Chisinau (out of the city)
-bad road textures in some places (warning – you can be thrown of the road at high speed!)
-more than 1000km in road connections between Chisinau, Odesa, Tiraspol and Galati.
-new border points between Romania, Rep.Moldova and Ukraine.
-no new profile, map recache needed.
LOG 1.7

log general:
-semne de circulaţie noi – diacritice şi litere speciale sârbeşti şi caractere chirilice pentru Bulgaria.
-nume chirilice pentru oraşele bulgăreşti
-au fost înlăturate toate erorile tobj şi npot, log curat 100% (dacă aveţi erori e din cauza altor hărţi).
-texturi refăcute pentru câteva materiale.
-s-a eliminat limita de viteză de 50/h impusă eronat de două indicatoare neutre (radar şi rovignetă)
-ca de obicei, s-au mai adus îmbunătăţiri hărţii principale
-oraşul Rîbniţa (Rep.Moldova) şi legătura de drum cu Chişinău.
-conexiuni noi de drum sau feribot pentru ambele versiuni

log premium add-on:
-Oraşele Tiraspol (Rep.Moldova) şi Odesa (Ukraina)
-conexiune feribot de la Odesa
-companie nouă pentru Chişinău (în afara oraşului)
-texturi de drum accidentat pe unele segmente (atenţie – la viteze mari poţi fi aruncat de pe drum!)
-peste 1000km de drum nou ce leagă oraşele Chişinău, Odesa, Tiraspol şi Galaţi.
-puncte de frontieră noi între România, Rep.Moldova şi Ukraina.
-nu trebuie profil nou, doar se reface cache-ul la prima încărcare.

NO Project Balkan or Eastern Express compatibility
YKS fixes provided
Road/ferry connections provided

Problems? Questions?
We have support page and a mail for this
[email protected]



53 Responses to Roextended Map 1.7 All versions

  1. romano0803 says:


    works with promods ? and all DLC ?

    • JoachimK says:

      Yes, of course, works with all DLC and PM.

    • SlavikSD says:

      work with ProMods and Turkey map. All necessary fixes and ferries can be found on the page of Basil!

  2. Jo says:

    Auch ohne Italy Map?

  3. Lilo is Good says:

    I love spending money on something like this

  4. Luki35 says:

    Jaka kolejnosc ustawien mapy z yks turkey i fix

  5. David says:

    Bit Defender has blocked the page! Dude, you have the premium version for it already. Why do you use advertising pages, filled with viruses, for the free version, instead of using the sharemods page? These kind of “modders” are making me sick. Go throw yourself out on the window with your pathetic mod!

    • Lilo is Good says:

      I don’t know it’s that hard to download the free version… Well maybe because I have money. Pffft…..

    • SlavikSD says:

      Do you like to swear? Do you like to make scandals? I’m your colleague. I normally downloaded the free version.
      Room number 6? Chekhov is a great writer, I highly recommend:)

    • Arayas says:

      Using the internet it’s a complicated thing. No one was ready at birth for something like that. Some of us evolve, some of us get stuck between a cracked game and a cracked antivirus. Please dend me your email adress and i will send you the link for premium version. It’s time for some humanitarium acts. And for sickness try lemon tea. I dont know if it’s recomended to you, maybe your Bitdefender will tell you to insert it in different hole than usual.

      • Arayas Doi says:

        dragut comentariu. Dintre toti autorii numai tu te-ai gasit sa faci pe desteptul. Si esti singurul care ofera versiuni diferite: gratuita si platita. De ce sa dau banii pe harta ta, in loc sa cumpar dlc -urile, de care oricum am nevoie? Ca, harti sunt destule…

    • BigJhon says:

      Hello David!
      Use Linux as a download platform! 😉 Like this, malicious mappers will not rot your virus hard drive!
      In any case, that’s what I do with all infected paid link sites!

    • Kimmer says:

      David, I suggest you use Avast. I used the same website as you and downloaded all the files without any problems. Producing a map is much more difficult than downloading it. It can not even be compared. This map, which you don’t have any contribution, is offered free of charge. I think you should try to solve your problems yourself instead of breaking the author’s heart. Or you better do it, add it to the sharemod and wait for someone to insult you. Because someone who is not happy with your work will surely emerge.

  6. Josch says:

    Gehts auch ohne DLC Italy?

    • SlavikSD says:

      Maybe. If you have a mod-substitute for Italy.

    • JoachimK says:

      Nein, Du brauchst alle DLC. North, East, France und Italien.

      • Josch says:

        HILFE!! Wie bekomme ich den Italykey OHNE Steam? Würde ihn natürlich bezahlen.

        • DerHesse says:

          Wäre mir jetzt nicht bekannt dass,man das Italien DLC ohne Steam bekommen kann überall wo ich geguckt hab war alles mit Steam!

  7. Mdm says:

    Do you need any dlc?

  8. sekkinkaptanTR says:

    Hi. Thank you for this amazing map.. i like it, but; the game is failing and closing when you go on the Buzau-Ploiesti highway. Be your knowledge.

    • Arayas says:

      Tested that area and no problems there. Maybe some mods you have causing problems.

  9. Arayas says:

    My mistake in description: You need ALL 4 map DLC to play this.
    No other way around.

    • Philippe says:

      Where do i have to place it?? I have HMA – Pro map also.
      Do i set it before ar after MHA – Pro map??

      • Arayas says:

        Above MhaPro. But keep in mind you gonna loose the MhaPro territory around Szeged. Sience it’s not a free version, i dont have it and i dont have ways to make proper road connection like i did with other maps.

  10. FaCoffie64 says:

    Great mod……Thank You Arayas.
    I have it working with Poland Rebuilding, Pro-Mods, Rusmap, Southern Region, Great Steppe, Balkans, and YKS Turkey…..nice big map to drive around now.

  11. Facoffie64 says:

    Great Mod Arayas
    I have it working with Pro-Mods, Rusmap, Southern Region, The Great Steppe, Poland Rebuilding, Balkans and YKS Turkey…….nice big map to drive in now.

    • Arayas says:

      Thank you. Remove Balkans (Project, i assume) it’s not compatible and you gonna have holes in road structure and some missing cities.

    • AlinC13 says:

      Hi, can you show the load order, please? Thanks.

  12. Someone says:

    Do you plan to add more Ukrainian cities in future?
    Thanks in advance.

  13. papaghostPT says:

    Thank you for this amazing map Arayas 😉

  14. Arayas says:

    Thank you. The next steps are in former Yugoslavia and just a bit in Ukraine. You can view from time to time the WIP (work in progress) page of my site where i am posting about developement steps.

    • KronG says:

      Salut, de ce eu nu pot sa cumpat versiunea premium? pe pagina de plată scrie You made a bad request or there was an internal error. We have been notified

  15. robi says:

    ce versuine trebuie sa ai
    ca eu am

    • Arayas says:


      • Jack T.S.C. says:

        Hey man. I use 1.31.xx and only the YKS_Team_EU_Turkey_Map1.31 is compatible with the version. None of the rest are compatible with this version… Is there something else we should install? Or should i use the 32bit version?

        • Arayas says:

          Keep in mind this map has 2 versions: Standard and Promods compatible. All the files you need are on official site and load order in help page of that site.

  16. Chris says:


  17. Arayas Doi says:

    bad map

    • Arayas Doi says:

      Not a bad map.I was just disappointed by the author’s attitude.

      • Arayas says:

        Let me explain something to you, before i throw myself to the window with my mod. This is more than 900 hours of work in 6 months from my personal time. After only 6 months this map includes 63 cities and a territory compaired with RusMap or Italia DLC. This is one man work. No bugs. Plenty of road connections with other maps. Permanent support for users. Professional delivery by it’s own site (costing alot of money).
        So, do you still think i should be runned over by any parrot who dont know to doawnload a free thing? I like your nickname. Imitating it’s a form of adulation. Enjoy the map, for 1.8 version i have already prepaired a message for roumanians: “Ne pare rau acest site nu poate fi accesat din tara dumneavoastra”. Cheers.

  18. Marian says:

    merge pe

  19. Citydriver says:



  20. Citydriver says:

    no new profile needed, just rebuild the cache at first upload.
    What does it mean exactly?
    (Google translation)

  21. Citydriver says:

    Kein neues Profil erstellen – erforderlich, ((( einfach den CACHE beim Upload neu erstellen). Was heißts das genau?))) Grüße aus Österreich

    • Arayas says:

      No need to create a new profile to start over your career. You just replace the older version with the new one and continue your career from the point you left it. Rebuild the cache: the game see the road structure have been changed and it’s rebuilding the maps again. That means longer time to load when you first try the new map configuration.

  22. william markham says:

    It will not let me buy for 1 euro ?

  23. Audi1merc2 says:

    Tiraspol is the capital city of Transnistria. Transnistria should have its own registration plates because Transnistria controls Tiraspol.

    Here is proof:

    This is only a suggestion.

    • Arayas says:

      I added flags and check points entering Transnistria, also in border points with Ukraine. But not defined as transnistrian traffic, registration plates or map country. Kosovo, the same. It’s a compromise i maded but that’s all.

  24. Mark Tempe says:

    Die Map ist sehr, sehr schön und läuft unter 1.32.x.x.
    Ich hab sie zusammen mit der “RusMap”, “The Great Steppe 1.2”,
    “North Map” und der Adaption der “TSM” von der Homepage der
    “RusMap” und Alles lläuft prima.
    Wer`s probieren will, sollte nur die Ladereihenfolge einhalten.
    Im Mod- Manager von unten nach oben:
    erst die “Great Steppe”, dann die “TSM, danach “RusMap”, weiter die “Roextended” und als Letztes die “North Map”.

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