Røling Transport A/S [1.32]

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Røling Transport A/S
This skin was made earlier, but that was a conversion from the older Scania 6 series, to the new Next Gen. Since Røling Transport A/S recently finished their new pearl, a Next Gen Scania. Therefore, we released this new version, fully compatible with the newest game version, 1.32.

This mod was made to work with:

Scania S 2016 by SCS
-All standard ownable trailers by SCS
-Krone Profi Liner, Cool Liner and Profi Liner double
-Mods listed below: ???

Recommended mods:
-Extended Sunshield: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkrKZ3KSYRDNijexrZnBLoKp_gV-
-Custom Danish sideskirts: https://1drv.ms/u/s!AkrKZ3KSYRDNijexrZnBLoKp_gV-
-Abasstreppas wheels: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wdod9d04cez8wdm/abasstreppas_wheelpack_3_0.rar

Sam Kerstens, CEO Kerstens Modding made this mod.
Sharing this mod is allowed. The only obligation however is to keep the original download link, which is: http://modding.kerstens.eu/product/roling-transport-a-s-1-32/

For support, everyone is welcome in our Discord community. This is where we can help you with all kinds of issues with our work: https://discord.gg/5EzXh2b

Sam Kerstens, CEO Kerstens Modding


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5 thoughts on “Røling Transport A/S [1.32]

  1. Kerstens Modding

    Skirt link is+incorrect. Plz use this one instead!!

    Sorry for the inconvenience guys.

  2. Vladimir Moffetskichev

    Stunning mod ,looks great

  3. Copyright86

    Pls help…it works only on the Trailer. Can´t find this skin for the Truck?

  4. the light on bumper and the interior are public mods?

  5. Where Can I finde the interior?

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