ROMAN Diesel v1.0 by MADster

I’ve spent a lot of time building this truck, I hope you’ll enjoy driving this old beast as I do 🙂
PayPal: (Any amount is welcome, thanks.)

What do you get?
-A very realistic ROMAN Diesel truck and a low spec PC compatible mod 🙂
-Two chassis to choose from (4×2 or 6×4)
-Original wheels (rim, hub, cover)
-Three engines (D2156 HMU/D2156 HMN8/D2156 HMN8 with turbo)
-Realistic gearboxes (AK5-35/AK6-80/AK6-80 GV-80)
-Six iconic skins
-Fully animated interior
-Realistic dashboard dials lighting
-Original addons (spoiler, gps, fenders, air filters, mirrors, etc.)
-Paintable version for almost all exterior addons

This model is 100% made by me, editing nor reuploading it is forbidden.

MADster, CobraBlue6, EVR Vasiley


58 thoughts on “ROMAN Diesel v1.0 by MADster

  1. Volvo VNR 2018 would be nice 🙂

    1. haha lol, such a beggar

      1. no… VNR 2018 in very good VNR truck 2018….

        1. Sergio M.

          hzhrm6 is trying too hard. Simple as that.

          1. Im hzhrm6 in very bad human….

    2. Hellow MADster can i upload in steam? For people that not know haw to daload mods from here.

  2. Video:

  3. Mr.GermanTruck

    Test Video…

  4. Amazing job!Great details! I was expecting this mod for so long!Great job again MADster! (Mandrie Romeasca) BRAVO!

  5. A simple and wonderful way as was Roman Diesel, a simple and awesome truck … It should be declared the mode of 2018!

  6. Thx for this great work 🙂

  7. Достойный тягач. Спасибо авторам за работу!

  8. the_driver

    VIDEo ROMAN Diesel

  9. Adriandelahunedoara

    Bravo! Thank you, MADster!

  10. you have my all respect for this truck !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. RiflerGamer

    Test video (1.30):

  12. Driverstein

    Video with this amazing truck:

    Thank you MADster!

  13. Mihail Moise

    Nice truck romanian !

  14. Na+Ciebie+zawsze+można+liczyć.+Lux+praca.

  15. Lincolnimp

    fantastic mod Madster thank you so much I really love your work – awesome cheers once again 🙂

  16. FromRussia

    Dear Madster a lot of thx for your work! But i waiting for Man F2000 from you! <3

  17. jorgent97

    Hd video 1.30…

    1. bad,video!

      1. hzhrm6 = Total moron

  18. plamine501

    Thank you MADster!!

  19. AzoraxModdingGaming

    HD Test Video 1080p:

    Great Truck MADster 🙂

  20. awsome truck mod!!!

  21. KiLLeR Modding

    Multumim pentru acest mod ^_^

  22. WORK IT
    NO BUG

  23. REVIEW:

  24. kacper_ik160p

    The only bad thing in this model is that the engine sound is TOO SILENT INSIDE. 😀

  25. Respect MADster asteptam de ceva vreme sa vad un camion romanesc in ETS2

  26. Like its other mods, MADster brings quality to superlative. Pure art, great job! Probably best mod of the year! Felicitari!!!

  27. IronSpirit Gaming

    Impressive work, well done sir.

    Driving video HD 1440p:

  28. Foarte tare! Tot respectul pentru munca depusa! 😉

  29. Trucker Melli

    perfect mod …thank you! now i am waiting for the M.A.N F8 with this cabin that i drove in real.

  30. BDF version please

    1. sweet BDF Truck….

  31. Ràcz Béla

    Fantastischer Mod,habe nur etwas kleines was mich als Detailfreak stört: es wäre super wenn man das Ersatzrad Lackieren könnte und man beim nächsten Update mit DLC die Kabine verschönern könnte. Ansonsten Top!

  32. martyn lonsdale

    how about some trucks from the 1970,s or eighties like leyland erf seddon attkinson old daf etc i know the is plenty of mods for the old volvos and scania but need some other older models of truck

  33. This truck is from my country Romania!!!!!!:D

  34. Nice truck and i love also the sound of engine!

  35. Daaaang i remember my dad aaand my grandpa driving it…
    Romania power! ;D

  36. Great truck.drives very nice. can you adjust roof spoiler to original and make roof slots for airhorn ore lights please

  37. Full HD VIDEO TEST ….

  38. daca ai face si modelul nou de roman ai fi cel mai tare creator de moduri din romania

  39. 56boneshaker

    This is a very nice truck.One of the best mod trucks i’ve driven.sound is very good .Even the sound of the wipers.
    Any chance of addons ( horns /lights ) please.

  40. Trucker_Schmitt

    @MADster – My big thanks to you for this true beauty.
    I would like to see it as a wonderful begin of a series of ‘Classic Trucks’.
    Would be so nice if you – over the time – would design some other ‘beauties’…
    Some details about this Roman – including my suggestions and questions whether you could change some things:
    – the engine sound is great, but too silent (inside)…
    – the sound of the horn is just a joke – needs to be changed
    – some additional mounting points for accessories would be nice.
    – The two color- wheels – great!
    What else I noted:
    – gearbox (6-speed) must have a bit ‘longer’ ratio at first three gears, so that the big gap between 3rd and 4th gear isn’t that big.
    – fuel tank can be a bit bigger, something about 800 Liters.
    – instruments (gauges) illumination needs to be adjustable in brightness.
    – Steering wheel is not adjustable, so at least should be placed a bit more down so that gauges are not longer (partially) covered.
    – I wonder about the power of the strongest engine: It has a very good torque and it goes like a Turbo…..
    It was a big fun for me to describe all the things here……
    Maybe you can take a look into the noted points? But there’s no hurry….
    Thanks again for this wonderful truck…….
    Greetings from Germany….

  41. Hello Madster.
    I really lobe the Truck and all she needs now is compatibility with Sisl Mega pack and the jeyjey pack.then the Mod will be the best of your Work.
    Kepp up the great Work

  42. GamerLionfish

    What about a dealer fix for this truck? It won’t even appear in the dealership. Otherwise, great truck.

  43. Hello! Will you be updating 1.31?

  44. Florin Corcaci

    Pls update for 1.3.1

  45. Avram Filip

    Thank you, but it doesn’t work 🙁

    1. Nici la mine nu functioneaza 🙁

  46. Ràcz Béla

    Wann kommt das nächste Update?

  47. Not working. 🙁 Why???

  48. I can’t find the truck in the MAN Dealer???
    What to do????

  49. Pricob Stefan

    Any chance i could find an update for the latest version of ETS2 ? meaning 1.38

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