Romania Advanced Freeway Map v1.0

This is a Romania advanced freeway map mod who is based on the real freeway (A1) in romania. The Freeway is going from Szeged (Hungary) to Bucharest (Romania). The Freeway is partially under the construction now in the reality. Some Parts of the freeway are already finished but the freeway is not completely finished yet. The freeway is planned to be finished in the year 2027. But in this map mod here the freeway is already completely done. Here you can see how the freeway will look approximately later when the freeway is completely finished in the reality. The time to make the Romania advanced freeway map was 1 year.
DLCS required: (DLC Road To The Black Sea)
Compatible versions: (1.49)



One thought on “Romania Advanced Freeway Map v1.0

  1. wangthefat

    first time to know about the Romanian A1 highway, I appreciate this mod man, hope this highway can complete on time and bring happiness to everyone, also it would be awesome if SCS will bring this change into the game by then:)

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