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ROMANIA EXTENDED 1.4 aka Balkan Expansion
08.05.2018 update
(working in both 1.30 and 1.31 beta)
LOG 1.4
-fixed partial wall at roadwork near Alexandria.
-placed garage in Sibiu (ooops!)
-fixed editor error saving blank sectors in Germany and Austria
-added 5 cities in Serbia including Belgrade.
-added 3 cities in Bulgaria including Sofia.
-5 new connections from Szeged, Timisoara, Craiova, Ruse and Shumen.
City count: 56
Builded in: 3 months and 10 days


Please report any error (if any), i will upload a fixed version if needed.

ALL DLC needed, no new profile, but finish your delivery before installing 1.4 version.
At first start wait for cache to be rebuilt.

-Alin Todor for romanian vehicle files and support
-Jazzycat for some romanian car models
-FLD for map materials
-Rusmap for adboard files.

The map works with vanilla map or in combination with other maps:
TSM, RusMap, Steppe, ROS, SR, Great Poland, North Map, MHAPro or non-european maps.
Not Eastern Expres and Promods compatible.

Due to amount of changes and modification please report any missplacemet.

The map comes in two versions MAIN MAP (good PC) and MIDDLE PC MAP (weaker PC).
The instruction for map installation are in the package.
If you use this in a combo there is no reason not to work as before.
Older versions and log-list on my Workspace.

If you want to support my work there is a Donate button on my Workspace.
All donation will be used for a dedicated ETS2 site.

All DLC map needed! WHY?!?!
For this reason:
Every DLC has new prefabs and materials in it: buildings, roads, vegetation….When you build a map you look to create diversity and for that you need options to choose.
You don’t want a city with a sigle type of apartments building or all the cities to look the same.
This is why we need DLC’s, for new materials they bring. And to play a map with those materials you need that DLC too.

Respect my work, distribute only with my link.



25 thoughts on “ROMANIA EXTENDED 1.4 [ALL MAP DLC]

  1. What that means All DLC? Going East, Scandinavia, Vive la France and Italy?

    1. Yes.

  2. Thanks, Arayas! Go ahead! Conquer the Balkans!

  3. Yes, Lord Vader. I’m gonna use the truck side of the Force. 🙂

    1. Salut,imi apare sa selectez o salvare a modului dar eu nu am nici o salvare,ce fac???

  4. Nice map but i think it’s a little bit unaccurate at least Bulgaria is.I don’t see any similarities with irl.Good job non the less one of the few balkan region maps

    1. I had that discution with my fellow romanians until now. It’s an add-on map, at 1/19 scale, what similarities you want? It has the SCS standards, it’s not Google maps. Please, open your game, press M to see the Europe map, find Stuttgart (for example) and zoom in until you see the whole city with all the streets. Do you think Stuttgart have 4 streets in real life like in standard ETS? Why do you people somehow want to see your real town in a standard ETS map (19 times smaller)?

      1. I did’t mean the map.I meant the buildings and the roads could use some work.Don’t get me wrong i’m not saying it’s a bad map

        1. The buildings and the roads are standard ETS prefabs. I dont use custom content, this is why my map it’s 1.31 ready without any effort. But hey, no problem there, you can play other maps.

  5. Hi. Thank you for this mod. I used played a mod going from Hungary to out of Europe and I could write that your mod is better. Especially a Christian detail is wonderful there tunnel exit between Nis and Sofia.

  6. salut, am o problema, de fiecare data cand deschid jocul ma scoate din salvare, tin sa mentionez ca am toate dlc-urile, si nu am niciun mod activat in afara de harta ta

  7. 🙂 Daca nu e cumparat, descarca alta versiune. Eu am versiunea originala si nu sunt probleme cu aceste versiuni, nici macar cu 1.31 beta.

  8. Am+o+problema+daca+nu+am+toate+Dlc-urile+il+pot+folosi+ori+sall?

  9. Nu, citeste FAQ in descriere.

  10. Cities in Bulgaria are geographically located very well.
    Thank you again!
    Go ahead! And let the power of the truck be with you!

  11. DarkShadow

    E vreo asemanare intre Main si Middle?

    1. Sunt identice, difera distanta de redare a obiectelor de pe harta. MAIN, de la mare distanta (consuma mai multe resurse PC) si middle de la distanta rezonabila (pentru PC-uri un pic mai slabute).

  12. Sunt identice, numai distanta de redendering a obiectelor este diferita. MAIN de la mare distanta (cerinte mai mari pentru PC) si middle de la distanta rezonabila (mai putine resurse video necesare)

  13. Marius Danaila

    buna nu merge am probat pe versiunea mea care este si nu merge deloc mi se inchide jocul eu am jocul original Euro Truck Simulator Mega 2 si nu merge Harta mi-am facut profil nou si tot nu imi merge nu stiu de unde da erori daca am jocul original ma poate ajuta cineva va rog

    1. In primul rand spune-mi ce harti DLC ai.

  14. SortingHat

    ###### modders requiring every DLC on the planet. You only get DLC by Daddy giving you money. Most of us do not get that luxury or ability. All it takes is to have pointers/linking files that tell the map to ignore certain elements when it detects DLC not present and not draw them in.

    In fact those with low powered specs would love that ability as then it would mean less CPU. There is quite a few people who won’t upgrade to 64 bit as a lot of software is incompatible or glitchy at best where new version is either non existent or ####.

  15. SortingHat

    The spam captcha prettymuch described what I’m doing. Toasting Points to you. (Toast Points)

    now it’s the show down.

  16. YOU only get DLC from your daddy. I have a job and a can afford few bucks for a game i love. You dont need games, you need to fill social care assistence forms to live day by day if you cant afford a 20 bucks DLC (Italy, the rest are under 10 bucks). ###### modders should edit the game entirely just for you, we know that. But we “have pointers/linking files that tell the modder to ignore certain lame elements”. Have fun with your Lego.

  17. ArmieCristian

    salut pot juca pe mp ets 2 cu mapa asta?? am dlc Scandinavia si Vive la France

  18. poti face si la versiunea 1.33

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