Romania Extended Map full 42 cities

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This is a complete BETA map of Romania with 42 cities, all the main cities from every romanian county.
TESTED 1.30.xx with:
-TSM 6.6.2
Keep in mind, very important, 35 days to complete this.
This is why it’s a BETA, i didnt have time for testing.
Please, any problem you will find, post it on SCS forum HERE

The art critics can go to take a loooong hike.
The map will be updated only in “beauty” departament (still alot of work to do), no room for more cities.

All the cities are fully operational with companies and garages to start the game in.
All cities are are brand new, no copy/paste was used (what’s the point?). Some are big, some not.
A package for Logan police cars it’s in the map (thanks to his creator Todor Alin) and for spawning rate of this cars a future fix will be available. If you use a “traffic” mod, no need for that.

The map was tested with TSM and RusMap together and it’s working fine. NO additional file needed. I wait for feed back about other maps.
The Southern Region works also probably. For SR you can use also the Constanta-Ferry package for Promods, i have a ferry active in Constanta too.
Not Promods compatible.
The load order it’s in the downloaded package.
And also keep in mind this has only 170MB!

Special thanks to Todor Alin for materials and support.
Special thanks to FLD for his excelent models and prefabs.

Respect my work, distribute only with my link.



18 thoughts on “Romania Extended Map full 42 cities

  1. willy1962

    Let me be the first to say Thank you very much for all the work you have done.
    Don’t look at the people who only have bad comment.

  2. HD tutorial TSMMap v 6.6.2+RUSMAP V1.8+ROS V5.0.3+Romania Extended Map

  3. Mapa jest zle ulozona do proprocji mapy i nie dziala to z promods :-/ trzeba zalozyc nowy profil i wtedy bedzie dzialac.

  4. RiflerGamer

    Nice work!
    Test video:

  5. The game crashes to me, why? i have selected 1.30 version

    1. Maybe you dont have DLC’s.

      1. Corpse Grinder

        Do I need Italy DLC as well?

  6. Andarilho Cascudo


    1. The map it’s for vanilla game working fine without any map. The Rusmap and TSM was just an example for people who like to combine maps to get a bigger teritory.

  7. Felicitari!

  8. Nice map……with GREAT POLAND MAP… works….thanks !!!

  9. RusMap and TSM where just an example. The map it’s for vanilla game with all DLC. But you see it’s working with other maps.
    An update was out today.

  10. promods

    1. I dont care about that map.

  11. Bhagwant123

    Why dlcs required for every map in ets2? Many time ago I download only ets2 game and requires any dlcs in the other words in that time dlcs name mod not available in that time only we have to download game of ets2 but I don’t when dlcs now created which is not available to everyone I am also included please create map of all countries for ets2 but without dlcs. I don’t like dlcs extra modifications please remove dlcs because I have not any dlcs.

    1. Every DLC has new prefabs and materials in it: buildings, roads, vegetation….When you build a map you look to create diversity and for that you need options to choose. You don’t want a city with a sigle type of apartments building or all the cities to look the same. This is why we need DLC’s, for new materials they bring. And to play a map with those materials you need that DLC too.

  12. why crash they can do

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