Romania Extended v 1.1 [ALL DLC]

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This is a complete map of Romania with 42 cities, all the main cities from every county and 3 from Bulgaria.
LOG 1.1
-added 3 bulgarian towns: Shumen, Varna and Ruse connected with Giurgiu and Constanta.
-added romanian specific cars (Logan, Duster, Sandero, old Roman bus and the granny Dacia 1310), MCV Yellow Taxi with passangers, thanks to Todor Alin (and Jazzycat for some models)
-fixed police spawning at more than reasonable level. Removed sound and lights from it.
-fixed Oradea-Hungary connection, the end of it was in different sector than the one i saved.
-created “city centre area- specific city center vehicles” for all 45 cities. (no add-on needed)
-reworked some parts of the map for redendering reason.
-removed 3 invisible walls from 3 companies/dealers yard.
-other design fixes.
The map was tested alone
or with TSM and RusMap together and it’s working fine. NO additional file needed.
The Southern Region works also probably. For SR you can use also the Constanta-Ferry package for Promods, i have a ferry active in Constanta too.
Not Promods compatible.
The load order it’s in the downloaded package.
And also keep in mind this has less than 190MB!
Special thanks to Todor Alin for materials and support.
Special thanks to FLD for his excelent models and prefabs.

All DLC map needed! WHY?!?!
For this reason:
Every DLC has new prefabs and materials in it: buildings, roads, vegetation….When you build a map you look to create diversity and for that you need options to choose.
You don’t want a city with a sigle type of apartments building or all the cities to look the same.
This is why we need DLC’s, for new materials they bring. And to play a map with those materials you need that DLC too.

Respect my work, distribute only with my link.



42 thoughts on “Romania Extended v 1.1 [ALL DLC]

  1. jorgent97

    Perfect map
    Hd video…

    1. Nice, but short. You can do better 🙂
      I’ve posted a very short video about a combo loading order and the mods i use (and create, most of them)

  2. pat stringer

    Thank tou 🙂

  3. to bad its not working with ProMods

  4. Thank you Arayas. Nice map that I recommend.

  5. the game crash what I do

    1. Get the DLC’s!

  6. the game crash and i ave evry DLC what I do

  7. even without mods none

  8. this ROMANIA_EXTENDED_0.8_by_Arayas good

    this Romania Extended v 1.1 [ALL DLC] not good

    1. The mod works fine, you have a problem.
      Off course if you use the old profile you may experience crash, i have tones of new files in the new package, it’s not 1.1 for nothing.
      I am using this with RusMap and TSM and tones of mods, JAzzy pack and so on. NO PROBLEM.

      1. i need creat a new profil ???

  9. william markham

    Gone back to v. 1 v.1.1 crashes the game, I have too many hours invested in my profile to start a new one.

    1. Can you please try for me this DEF file and give me a feedback?
      Replace REdef with this REdefNO.scs

      1. william markham

        thank you for trying, but no luck i’m afraid. Tried various load orders but still not working, have gone back to v. 1.0

  10. wethe a new profil works gret very good work tanks

    1. Glad you resolve it. It’s not imperative to make a new profile, i am using my old TSM profile, but if you have a save including some modified territory the game will crash. A new profile it’s not mandatory, but if your game crash this is the reason. All 53 sectors from my map are different than the 1.0 version.

  11. Hello, is it ok with MHA pro ?

    1. Yes

    2. thanks for your answer
      i go to try

  12. Pacat ca nu e compatibila cu pro mods 🙁

    1. Promods are Romania, bucurati-va de ea.

  13. Well it’s great but i have a question
    It’s compatible with this ?

    1. Someone told me here it is at the 1.0 version.

    2. Yes …….no problem with Great Poland……

  14. stop sharing this ####,another buggy copy/paste mod by arayas

    1. What copy/paste dude? Your food was bad this morning? All the map it’s original and my work 100%. You need to see a doctor.

  15. My mod order if it helps :


    ROS 5.2 :
    Traducc Ciudades Russian OS
    Russian Open Spaces
    Russian Open Spaces Model
    Russian Open Space Map

    MapZoom TSM
    TSM 6.6.2 :
    01 TSM
    02 TSM
    03 TSM
    04 TSM
    05 TSM
    Fix for TSM 6.6.2
    06 TSM

    Rusmap 1.8 Fix

    Rusmap 1.8 :
    Rusmap Map Package
    Rusmap Model 2 Package
    Rusmap Model Package

    Romania v1.1 :

    Rusmap Def Package

    Several mods from Jazzycat (higher priority than all the maps work well)

  16. Ok. Trecand peste partea ca tot n-ai facut legatura de feribot la Braila, ca sa ajungi la Tulcea, tu chiar nu vezi ca ai uitat sa legi Calarasiul de Constanta, respectiv Giurgiu? Cat de realist ti se pare lucrul asta?! Nu zic, harta e okish, dar sunt lucruri evidente care lipsesc. Dar na, bine ca ai bagat orasele alea din Bulgaria … 🙂 Preferam sa vad Basarabia (Chisinau, Balti, Tiraspol, Comrat, Otaci) bagata in seama, daca tot e sa ne “extindem” vecinii.

    1. Florin, nu am loc sa fac toate drumurile din Romania. Drumurile de care imi spui tu sunt secundare si chiar nu mi-am propus sa creez toata infrastructura tarii. Calarasiul e legat de restul oraselor ca traseu la A2. Feribotul. Prefabul de feribot este imens in ETS, daca puneam feribot la Dunare trebuia sa construiesc Galati si Braila cam pe unde e Buzaul acum. Daca as fi facut o harta 1:1 da (vezi Andu, Alexandru Maps) dar in 1:19 (scala ETS2 standard) 1.9 km de oras trebuie sa-i condensezi in 100m!

    2. Si apropo, daca te uitai pe forumul SCS la topicul meu vedeai ca deja munca la Moldova a inceput.

      1. pe ce versiune merge k am bagato la v 1 30 si nu merge iese din joc sau mai trebuie sa fac si alt ceva.

  17. shadowafaf

    Need dlc Italy?

    1. ALL map DLC’s.

  18. Burakergenc87

    Work with YKS Team Turkey Map ?

    1. I dont know but it has no motif not to work, it’s in different territory.


    1. What is it puppy-dog, your master instructed you to attack me everywhere? Dont you realise that my map users are knowing the difference between a smart man and a ###### sheep? Go back to your master and tell him you fail, moron.

  20. Arayas i have one problem…when i put your map ,i see white line to my gps( not red as normal), and the same white line when i open the map to choose job…..any solution please?

  21. I must use this file for the next version 1.2 also?

  22. pune link la harta ca nu mai merge

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