Romania Extended v 1.2 [ALL DLC]

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This is the main version for now.
Future updates will take place only if important content it’s ready.


-new redendering values, no more landscape pop-up for the entire map; (MAIN UPDATE) – now you can enjoy the full panorama.
-2 new towns: Chisinau and Balti from Moldova Republic
-first steps in design improvements: removed part of low-res vegetation, reworked some roads, crosses, signs, vehicle and ambiental lights, city detail, buildings or even some missplacements.
This is gonna be work in progress for some time (always something to improve) but also the map expansion towards new territories.
-decent spawning frequency for romanian cars, no more police problem (sience last version)
-removed any traffic file from the map to avoid ( in some cases) the need to create a new profile. (i dont know a solution, i never experienced that and also i never seen a LOG file in that situation).

The map was tested alone
in map combo with TSM, RusMap, RK Steppe and Southern Region (with some fixes).
There is a separate folder with all the fixes for SR and also the custom ferry-connection with my map, available on
my Workspace

SCS Forum Topic

The load order of the map (or combo) it’s in the photos included.
Many thanks to:
Alin Todor (materials and vehicles)
FLD (map materials)
Cipinho (car/truck colours)


DOWNLOAD 178 MB [Sharemods]
DOWNLOAD 178 MB [Blogspot]

32 thoughts on “Romania Extended v 1.2 [ALL DLC]

  1. Finnish Ets2 Trucker

    Hello Arayas.. your map mod is great. For my game it works very fine with Pj Indo 2.3 and Eaa map.

    And for each other users.. Do you know other maps that works with Romania Extended and vanilla maps? Have a nice weekend!

    1. You have in the map package a picture with all the maps i use in dayly basis and the loading order. MhaPro works fine, Great Poland also, except Promods i dont know any restrictions.

  2. Viidox1993

    Have on the map but also the CH map and the Eldorado

  3. Hai ca incepi sa te dai pe brazda! Imi place ce vad. 😉

    1. Abia m-am pornit 🙂

  4. Does it work alone?

    1. Alone with vanilla map, yes. The combo was just an example.

  5. Check the Blospot link (official map page) for add-ons or small fixes, if you dont like map lights or the road is too bad near city of Balti. Or future updates.

  6. Arayas with 1.1 version evething is ok….but when i put 1.2 version,too much lag…..why?

    1. New redendering values means more detail, I dont have a semnificative drop of FPS but that depends of the PC possibilities.
      To give you a tip: use a frame limiter software (like Nvidia Inspector) and set a 35 FPS limit for ETS2. It’s more than enough for this game. In this way i can play my game on my laptop when i’am away from home.

      1. I did it but…..the same problem…..ok i will play 1.1 version….thanks….but it is very nice map….

  7. Very beautfiul map. Works very good! Thank You

  8. On my site you have a version for middle-end PC’s. (Melios, try it)

  9. Oh thanks…can you send me the link for the site? I like your map…!!!

    1. It’s in the description and LINK (Blogspot)

  10. Oh you are the best… work perfect….thanks ! You must have this low pc …..every map update….
    And i like No lights addon….
    I love your map …..
    Bug bravo again for your work!

  11. Big Bravo….sorry…!

  12. It’s gonna be a Middle-PC Version in every release.

  13. Anonymuis

    Hai bai ce harta e asta nerealista pai ce un oras are 2 strazi? de exmplu Satu mare e mai mare in realitate si harta ta are prea multi copaci si e fantezista nu realista

    1. Bai muis, sau cum te cheama, ma confunzi cu Google Maps.
      1.TOATE orasele din ETS2 sunt reduse la 2-5 strazi, din motive de scara dimensionala (1:19).
      2.TOATA HARTA ETS2 este fantezista, nimic nu are legatura cu realitatea.
      3.In titlu nu scrie Harta Google Maps a Romaniei, scrie harta pentru ETS2
      4.Harti realiste au loc sa faca cei care lucreaza la scara 1:1 dar alea sunt STANDALONE. Nu se cupleaza cu nici o alta harta.
      5. daca te asteptai sa-ti vezi blocul in care stai, nasol! Insemna ca nu prea te duce mintea
      6.Du-te si casca gura in continuare la streamerii de pe youtube care stiu ei tot, chiar daca inca au chilotii murdari de cacat la cur.
      7. nu ti-a cerut nimeni bani pe ea, nu am nici o obligatie fata de tine si zi mersi ca mi-am pierdut 3 minute din viata ca sa-ti dau tie o explicatie.

  14. thanks+Arayas..+for+your+fantastic+work+,i+was+waiting+for+the+compatibity+with+SR+because+it+was+crashing+before+now+with+the+fix+i+canplay+your+map+along+with+TSM+Great+Steppe+SR+EEA+ROS+RUS+MAP+PJ+INDO+without+having+any+problem+also+not+losing+a+profile+with+so+many+hours+and+days…

  15. Does It work with Promods 2.26 ?

    1. Promods has Romania, enjoy it.

  16. Does It work with Mario map 12.9?

    1. Mario it’s covering almost any known territory so it’s not compatible with any map.

      1. multumesc frumos ptr munca depusa!

  17. 2 new towns: Chisinau and Balti from Moldova Republic: Romania Extended v 1.2????????
    Arayas si ce legatura are Republica Moldova cu Romania ?
    Nu ceri bani pe harta ca faci bani din download!!MAi bune 2 orase mari si late ,decat 30 orase de tot rahatul cu obiecte copiate de la altii care chiar au contribuit la comunitatea ets2.

    1. Dar pe stapanii tai de la Promods i-ai intrebat ce cauta Chisinau si Balti in harta lor? Nu v-ati saturat cate mizerii ati imprastiat peste tot? Va ofticati ca invat lumea sa treaca la harta TSM-ului? E munca mea retardatule si tu esti un cacat in drum care comenteaza. Daca vreau sa pun vaci sa tricoteze in harta mea ce te fute pe tine grija?
      “Doua orase mari si late” ti-au facut prietenii tai acum 300 de ani, atat inseamna Romania pentru ei. Inca odata, ti-am cerut bani sa o descarci, cum invatati voi pe toata lumea sa descarce Promods de pe linkul cu bani? Am vreo obligatie la tine parlitule? Mars pe YouTube inapoi si mai fa un “laif” la copiii de 9 ani, ca numai aia nu te vad cat esti de prost.

      1. Nu inteleg de ce te simti jignit !Diferenta dintre noi doi este ca eu traiesc in lumea reala si tu in cea virtuala .Eu nu am facut reclama nici celor de la Promods nici celor de la Tsm. Asa ca mergi la munca sau la scoala si nu iti mai pierde timpul pe aici

  18. 1. “30 de orase de tot rahatul” si nu intelegi de ce ma simt jignit. Ma rog, unde parintii au esuat cu educatia, eu nu am ce-ti face. De bun simt ai auzit?
    2. dupa ce te bagi in seama fara sa te intrebe nimeni nimic imi spui mie cam ce ar trebui sa fac. Tu fiind….cine?
    In lumea reala nu critici munca unui om in mod jignitor, indiferent cat de buna sau proasta e. In lumea reala multumesti celui care iti ofera ceva GRATIS, daca iti trebuie, daca nu, iti vezi de drum.
    In lumea reala eu stiu cum stau, iar daca tu crezi ca sunt la varsta cand inca imi pocnesc cosurile pe fata, ca la prietenii tai de la Promods, esti departe rau.

  19. 1.3 preview of my map:
    A simple delivery from Baia Mare to Resita where you can see part ( a little part) of the new look of the map.
    1.3 version will be about enhancement, no new territories or cities.
    No road was left untouched, no city left as it was. Still WIP.
    All vegetation reworked, new landscape items added, more open spaces, hi-res trees, buildings and roads, industrial and rural landmarks.
    The video was made with “middle-PC” version for better flow of the capture software.
    For romanians i have a little mesage in comments, very important to me,
    because at this point i am still decided to upload future versions on blocked romanian IP servers.

  20. ba faina harta , n-am ce zice

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