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=== Romania Map by Andu Team ===

Version: 1.0a (Alpha)

Requirements: 1.22 version of game.

Credits: Andu Team, Tz express(FLD for prefab models), Frank007(Several Models)

===Information about download===

To download the full map must have an account and a minimum post on the forum, thank you for understanding.

Please do not upload the map as a sign of respect for us. Thank you.

===Information about map===

The map was transformed into standalone to work you must make a new save.

The map is in alpha stage and come updates with new roads and new cities.

Here’s the current list of cities and roads.

Cities and Roads:


*This list is for main roads

===Modification in 1.0a===

-Scale is changed in 1:7
-New most Villages
-New details on the roads

===Know Bugs in 1.0a===

-Lack of terrain and lack details in some areas
-Closed roads that are not yet ready.

=== Contact ===





27 Responses to Romania Map AnduTeam (1.0)

  1. BanditGamingHD says:

    video Salonta to Oradea —> best map ever !

    • Shinobi says:

      Imi place la nebunie harta dar de cate ori incerc s-o bag imi da crash.Am 1.22 si toate modurile inactive,profil nou,nu inteleg de ce nu merge.!!!

  2. Ugur says:

    İts very good map but small I wait for v2

  3. Ryo says:

    Any dlc’s required?

  4. AndreiP23 says:


  5. DerTuerko says:

    Compatible with promods v2.0?

  6. Traian says:

    It’s standalone, not compatible with any maps.
    Dlcs are not requiered.

  7. Iac says:

    what grapichs you have?

  8. Terra says:

    I put this map in Mod Manager, deactivated any other map, but did not appear nothing in game, no one Romania, nothing, just the central Europe and that’s all.

    I missed something?

    • Blaziken777Sverige says:

      Same here
      And also, when i try to extract the mod to the ETS2 mod folder, it says the mod file is corrupt.
      I start to wonder if this is a fake mod… >_>

    • Terra says:

      @lea – what’s the point of your post??, look above, at the third post, @Andu already posted same thing, but, it not works, in Mod Manager is activated but in game is not visible nothing related to Romania or a map in this sense.

      • AndreiP23 says:

        The map works.
        Look at the tutorial if you don’t know how to install the map.

        • Terra says:

          @AndreiP23 – maybe works, but, only with the Mod folder empty???…. this mean that I must delete everything from him?, and I mean everything, not only other maps?

          Because I tested with all my mods installed, of course without no one map, just those Romania five parts, and not works at all, nor even not appear in game, how I said, just Central Europe, (I mean the game default map) is visible.

          So, if you say that the map work, please be more specific and explain and about these details.
          So, you afirm that the Romania map works well with other mods? (but not maps).

          • radow35 says:

            when you make the new profile select Romania.. not Europe… and its work

  9. JoachimK says:

    I have the same, downloading, extracting and put in the Modfolder.
    New Profile, nothing appears.

    It would be nice, if the Map is compatible with other Maps (TSM, Rusmap, etc.). I have all Garages from earlier Version.

    I like this Map and I still waiting for the new Version, but now it´s Standalone. 🙁

    • Terra says:

      @JoachimK – look at the above tutorial video, we need not just a new profile, but also a empty Mod folder, which mean to delete any other mods, all of them, not just the others maps.

      At least that I understand, and I really don’t want to renounce to all my current mods, just for a map.

  10. topek says:

    nice map , thanks !

  11. Traian says:


  12. Gameguy 2 says:

    Files corrupted

  13. lupumarius15 says:

    Da am inteles cai faina mapa dar …cum pot so pun si eu in ets2 ? …Mersi 😀

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