Romania Map by Andu 1.3.1

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=== Romania Map by Andu Team ===
Version: 1.3.1a (Alpha)
Requirements: 1.26 version of game.
===Information about map===
The map is standalone to work you must make a new save and new profile.
The map is in alpha stage and come updates with new roads and new cities.
===Modification in 1.3.1a===
-Fix all bugs caused by editor of game.
-Block the some roads who is not finished but appears on the world map.
-Remove cities without companies.
-Resolved GPS problem on the road between Targu Mures and Ludus.
===Know Bugs in 1.3.1a===
-Lack of terrain and lack details in some areas.
-Maybe invisible wall in some areas.
-New start cities maybe crash, change city or try more times.
=== Contact ===

AnduTeam, Tz express(FLD for prefab models), Frank007(Several Models)


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14 thoughts on “Romania Map by Andu 1.3.1

  1. 1.27.1 – Does it work?

  2. can u update to 1.27 ?

  3. It dose not work for 1.27
    It will crash if you try .

  4. Normally if it’s made for older versions of the game, it should work with newer versions because the content that was in 1.26 is included in 1.27 so…

  5. morris12345

    v. Ok..

  6. map is only for 1.26

  7. It crash every time i want to start. 🙁 pls fix

    1. I only upload map no convert,map is
      property at andu

    2. I only upload map no convert,map property at andu

  8. Jak ustawić pliki według kolejki

  9. link down not work

  10. 404 NOT FOUND ! :))

  11. Daca vreau sa descarc harta imi da eroarr 404 not found , pls faceti ceva

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